If there is a room that is the most actively used, it has to be the living room. This is a space where we get to spend the most quality time with your friends and family. When designing and decorating your living room, you must be aware of the fact that this living room should be a reflection of your personality.  This is why it is of utmost importance that you follow your insights and instincts when decorating your living room.  

However, note that cramming the living room with too many decor items, would not be too appealing. This would make your room far away from your vision of having a perfect living room. Of course, your living room must be impressive and beautiful, but taking the entire matter in your own hands might make it look hideous, so have your family members weigh in their ideas as well.

Since you are not a professional, while handling such projects, mistakes tend to take place. Although it would take you an awful amount of time to undo the errors, the least you could do is avoid the mistakes from happening.  Take a look at the most common mistake while you decorate your living room-

    1. The wrong placing of rugs
      Incorrect positioning of rugs sometimes contributes to inconsistency in a room. You may have noticed several rooms with rugs that only cover the coffee table and then another selection of rugs only for the couch and sofa. This theme is a major no in the context of contemporary interior designs. While this style is not only impossible to manage, it often creates a mess. Please choose the right set of rugs for a living room that is creatively broad and spans its space. A big rug that covers the coffee table and the couch and seating area provides a bit of elegance with an elongated style.
    2. Not Picking the Right Living Room Furniture: Not all homeowners are careful while choosing their living room furniture like sofa, bed and table. For example, the sofa can be too large to fit in a small living room. A TV stand might not be compatible for your screen. The wrong placement of living room furniture can obstruct the flow of traffic across the room. Therefore, it is important to shop according to the size and type of your living room. Work over the placement of furniture to make the room look spacious. One more thing, the materials and fabrics for furniture should be chosen according to your lifestyle. If you have pets and kids, pick the fabrics that are easy wash and maintain.
    3. Ignoring the Functionality
      This is to be noted and kept in consideration in the living room arrangement to enable space use. It’s good to maintain harmony in a square living room than a rectangular one. If you have a rectangular-shaped living room, use partitions that create the distinction between the two spaces and have sufficient space to allow the light in and leave the room looking expansive. 
    4. Mixing and matchingthe decor
      Among the most apparent living room style errors we commit is when decor and design fits a single layout. While this will sound fascinating at first, there will be a time when it would lose its appeal. To retain comfort and coziness, mix and match different styles. Blending retro with urban or classic with contemporary can make the living room style more vibrant and unique.
    5. Inadequate lighting in the room
      The most significant yet common mistake in the design of the ideal living room is improper lighting. The living room can’t do with simple one or three led lights or maybe even a chandelier. Get the right lighting scheme representing the different moods with light fixtures, reading lamps, table lamps, etc. 
    6. Ignoring the greenery
      Plants add a splash of luxe and green to the living room. We know biophilic designs are in trend.    That being said, getting too many potted plants, though small or big in the living room, can leave you feeling like you’re in the wilderness or forest. It’s great to place a big plant in the corner. It helps the atmosphere feel more relaxed and vibrant.


We love the idea of decorating and beautifully arranging a living room on your own. When the ideas come pouring in, use them ethically. The only things you must be careful of the mistakes mentioned above. All you need to do is not do them, and you will be good to go. 

Author Bio:
NareshPrashar is marketing manager of E-Living Furniture, a leading online portal for affordable and elegant furniture for all types. Now a busy businessman, he loves to travel around the world and write on related topics whenever finds some time from his busy schedule.


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