5 Reasons For Moving To Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a charming town on the Highland Lakes and a hotspot to relax and cool off just outside Austin’s bustle and hustle. With more people and families moving to Lake Travis, it’s tempting to get a taste of what everyone enjoys when they visit the scenic shores of the highland lake. Here, you will enjoy some of the best lifestyles. If you are still unconvinced about what makes this town highly sought after, here are some reasons for moving to Lake Travis.

Plenty Of Beaches

One thing to love about Lake Travis is the plenty of public beaches. Lake Travis locals love spending some excellent time relaxing on the beachside and watching the scenic waters and boats. Volente Beach is a famous beach featuring a complete waterpark on the lake shores, so you can hear the sound of kids having fun at the park. You can also head to the unique beach at Arkansas Bend Park. This expansive beach offers ample space to explore, giving you peace and a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

World Class Golfing

Not everyone wants to spend their days relaxing by the beach or fishing on a boat. Fortunately, there are lots of recreations out of the water. For golf enthusiasts, Lake Travis has several world-class golf clubs. Some famous clubs to check out include The Hills Country Club, UT Golf Club, the Lake Travis Golf Course, the Lake Travis Golf Course and the UT Golf Club. Housing developments are close to these golf clubs, allowing golf enthusiasts to live near their favorite clubs.

Vibrant Brewery And Wineries Scene

While Austin is famous for its delectable barbecue, Lake Travis is becoming increasingly popular as a winery and brewery destination. The Oasis Brewing Company, in Comanche Canyon Ranch, is a popular spot for residents on the eastern side of Lake Travis. Here, you can access your favorite craft brews and enjoy fantastic sunset views over Lake Travis. The Lake Travis Biergarten and the Infamous Brewing Company are other breweries to check. For wine aficionados, consider visiting the El Gaucho Winery and The Stone House Vineyard.

Great Outdoors

When it comes to fun outdoor activities, the surroundings and shores of Lake Travis offer endless options. Balcones Canyonlands, Krause Springs, and Pace Bend Park are among the top destinations in Lake Travis. Balcones Canyonlands has some of the best hiking trails running through miles of scenic sights. The Krause Springs features a spring–fed swimming hole that maintains 68 degrees year-round and is primarily an excellent spot during summers. Also, check out Pace Bend Park, which has everything from rugged mountain biking to lakeside lounging. Here, you can go hiking, bird watching, camping, or watching sunsets along the Colorado River banks.

Escape From Austin

Austin can allure you to move to the Texas Hill Country, which is understandable. A thriving capital city full of opportunities, possibilities, and amusement is hard to beat. However, the excitement of a big city also comes with other headaches, such as outrageous expenses, traffic, and rampant noise throughout the day and night. Lake Travis offers an escape for Austin locals and visitors looking to relax on the lakeside. You will embrace the serenity of Lake Travis while remaining a short drive from the amenities of Austin.

Find A Home In Lake Travis With Jamie Novak Group

Ultimately, there are plenty of reasons to love Lake Travis, and these are just a few. If you enjoy Lake Travis’s coastal lifestyle, Lake Travis real estate experts Jamie Novak Group can help you find your dream home. Reach out to them today for more inquiries.