5 Tips for Choosing a Room for Rent in the City

Do you need to stay in Singapore for a long-term project or for other business purposes? Are you planning to skip booking hotel reservations and look for a room for rent in the city? There are various variables to consider while looking for your next flatshare or co-living space. Here are some of the most significant decisions you will have to make.

#1 Where to Live

You have many options for where to live on the island. However, your requirements and taste will determine what is ideal for you. Check heartland neighbourhoods like Bedok, Toa Payoh, and Bishan if you want everything in one place. These neighbourhoods have lots of dining, shopping, and transportation alternatives.

#2 Apartment or HDB

The two most common options renters have are room rentals in HDB flats or private units such as condominiums. Renting a room in an HDB flat makes more sense if you are a no-frills individual with a restricted budget. However, living in a service apartment in neighbourhoods like Orchard offers several advantages if you can afford it. It includes security and access to amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, and function space.

#3 Determine a Budget

A ‘room for rent near me’ search will provide you with various options in varying price ranges. If you have a limited budget, consider HDB flats or co-living apartments where you may rent a room for less than S$1,000 per month. Another possibility is looking for room rentals at luxury apartments in desirable locations such as the CBD or Orchard.

#4 Common or Master Room

The advantages a master bedroom can provide include its bigger size and the convenience of a connected or en-suite bathroom. Of course, this comes at a substantial cost. If these aspects are unimportant to you, a typical room will suffice.

#5 Furnished or Unfurnished

Most co-living flats or room for rent options in the city already come with furnishings. It saves you the trouble of finding your furnishings. If you want to bring your bed, desk, and other furnishings, an unfurnished room will be less expensive to rent. You are welcome to come with products that show your tastes and interests.

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