6 Tricks to Eliminate Moisture

Humidity is the main threat in most homes in Europe. Maintaining a clean environment in the presence of moisture is another task for homeowners in this period.

That is why Euro maids have prepared this article providing you with the central guidelines necessary to combat humidity.

If you think of painting the home, it is an excellent time to treat the humidity in conditions.

 Before getting down to work, clean all the areas where these stains originate (usually, we find them on windows and cabinets).

 With hot water, vinegar, and a cloth, rub all the visible stains, you will see the results in no time.

Moisture Eliminating Tricks

  1. Sealant to combat humidity. You can find it in different establishments specialized in moisture treatment. Apply it evenly over the entire surface with the help of a paintbrush, then allow the product to dry completely before painting. * We recommend reading the instructions before use. If in doubt, ask a professional for help.
  2. Ventilation: It is ideal for renewing the air daily; it also prevents humidity. We recommend ventilation for 10-30 minutes.
  3. Open doors. Although it seems contradictory, the atmosphere inside the home must circulate.
  4. Absorbents in the cabinets. They will prevent the appearance of mold and humidity. You can find them of different types, including those of calcium chloride, clay, etc. Just applying it in the closed space will help combat the possible stains that may appear.
  5. Decoration plants. If you do not have an outdoor terrace and not a suitable corner to have them, it will facilitate the appearance of humidity. If you put them as decoration, it will be a great advantage to reduce the appearance of this.
  6. It is undoubtedly one of the critical devices to filter moisture from the air, collecting it in the home’s leading lights. You can find different brands and utilities. Let yourself be advised by a professional.

With these tips, you don’t have to worry about the appearance of these spots. If appropriately treated with these simple steps, you will maintain clean air in the home, without damaging the health of those who live at home and without odours.

You can contact Euro maids for professional cleaning services and be updated with different cleaning tips and recommendations to make your life easier. 

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