6 Ways to Manage Your AC During the Summer Season

Singapore is near the equator, and thus it is considered a tropical country with heavy rainfall and a humid season all year round. From May to June, the country is at its hottest season, and people would make ways to make the temperature cooler. Some go on a vacation to swim, but those who are busy turn on the AC to make the temperature more bearable. Since people use it for a long time, the AC is susceptible to overuse and damage. Some owners tend to forget that maintaining AC with an aircon general servicing is also essential.

To prepare for the hottest days in Singapore, here are some great tips for maintaining your AC during summer.

How to Save AC Energy During the Summer Season

Since it’s too hot, there are days when you don’t feel like turning off the AC. However, this can lead to high electricity bills and may go out of your monthly budget. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to use AC at a moderate level to save energy during the summer season. To do so, read this section for helpful tips.

  • Turn Off Your AC Unit –When you’re not using the AC, turn it off. Don’t run it 24/7 because it will make your electricity bill high. So, make it a habit to turn it off when not in use, especially if you’re going to work or running an errand.
  • Limit your usage – You can also limit your AC usage during summer. It would be helpful if you only use it for three to five hours during the day. You can use an electric fan at night because it’s much cooler. When not using it, you can also look for an aircon repair in Singapore.
  • Regular Maintenance –A malfunctioning AC may use more energy because its system is broken. That’s why you give your AC a routine aircon repair to ensure that the AC internal system works appropriately.
  • Proper Installation – How you install your AC can also affect the energy bills. Incorrect installation may reduce efficiency. So, call for a professional technician to help you establish your AC at home.
  • Regular Cleaning –Aside from routine maintenance, it’s also best to have a consistent cleaning schedule with an aircon chemical cleaning. This way, you can avoid damaging the AC’s internal system and lower your monthly energy bills.

For more knowledge about AC management, continue reading the article to learn some tips about maintenance during the summer season.


How to Maintain Your AC During the Summer Season

The hot season is here again. You’ll use the US for most of your day to aid you during this uncomfortable time. To avoid damages, continue reading to maintain your AC with aircon general servicing during the summer season. Plus, it would be more expensive to buy a new one because it’s pricey.

1) Schedule the General AC Cleaning

To begin with, you need to look for a service provider and schedule regular cleaning for your AC. Perhaps, you can clean your AC monthly or every three months. It may add to your monthly bills, but it can help prolong the life of your AC. You can use it not only in the summer season but also during rainy days.

Since you already scheduled a cleaning session, ask the provider about the aircon chemical wash price so you can prepare your budget in advance. Don’t forget to ask the service provider if there are additional fees for their services to avoid miscommunication.

2) Make the Surrounding Clear and Clean

When the surroundings block the airflow from your AC, it will not benefit your room, especially if it’s scorching hot. Objects like big furniture, debris, plants, and decorations can block the way for your AC and affect its overall performance. Aside from getting aircon chemical cleaning, it would be best if you cleaned the environment from dust and dirt. This way, the air will be healthier for your family too.

With your regular AC cleaning, it’s best to have a general home cleaning routine to keep your AC well-functioning. It’s also beneficial for your mental health because a clear space gives you a clearer mind.

3) Preventing Opening the Windows/Doors

When using the AC, you must prevent opening or closing the windows and doors. The AC will adjust to the environment; if you keep changing it, the system will also alter. If you leave it this way, the system will malfunction and cause more damage. Once there is damage, don’t hesitate to call for aircon general servicing to check the AC performance and health. So, remember, when turning on the AC, stay inside and limit opening and closing the doors.

4) Seal Any Holes or Openings

As mentioned above, you need to close the windows and doors. It’s also applicable with holes or any openings. It would be best if you sealed them off to get the best performance from your AC. This way, no air would escape, making the place hotter and less comfortable. The AC will also not function properly and will lead to more damage. To ensure a well-functioning AC, check your home if it needs repairs, or you can call for aircon general servicing to help inspect your surroundings.

5) Use a Ceiling Fan

The best way to stay cool during the hot season is to maximise air circulation. A ceiling fan and aircon can work hand in hand because they can help with air circulation. It can also give a wind chill effect to make your home feel more relaxed. Since the ceiling fan allows the air to circulate, it can lower the temperature during the summer season. On top of this, don’t forget to maintain your AC with aircon repair in Singapore for maximum efficiency.

6) Invest in Window Blinds

Another practical solution is to invest in window blinds because they can lower the room’s temperature. Put on the window blinds in the afternoon and turn on your AC for a better experience. It can block the sunlight and make your place cooler.

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