A Guide on Precast Concrete Pile

With the sheer increasing population and to provide shelter over their head. Land with poor geotechnical characters is used for various uses when it comes to the construction business. The soil which you would find near the sea, river, has poor strength and are not fit for any kind of resting foundation.

This might cause a problem when trying to put a load on it and definitely, buildings would be heavy. In such cases, concrete pile (ราคา เสาเข็ม, which is the term in Thai) and deep foundation come to the rescue. They are used because resistance must be put forward to uplift. And with soil being near to the river or sea bed, there is a chance for erosion.

The primary purpose of why people are going for concrete pile would be transferring load from the superstructure through weak strata to a more compact as well as stiffer soil or water. Using various techniques like impact driving, vibrating, drilling, grouting, and others, this could be done. From the upper zone of the soil, the load would be transferred to a depth where the soil would be able to handle the load.

These concrete piles could be square, octagonal, circular as well as rectangular. The piles are usually manufactured by converting reinforced concrete into structural frames which are made of longitudinal as well as lateral steel bars.

Type of Precast Concrete Pile

Mainly, you would find two types of concrete piles. The driven precast concrete is reinforced concrete within a casting yard. After sufficient strength has been attained, it is hammered into the ground to a depth which would be more than 40m using a hammer.

Another type would be the bored precast concrete piles. They are constructed in reinforced concrete using a casting yard but a lowered into the pre-bored holes. Later space which would be left between the pre-bored holes and the piles, it would be grouted.

Vital Advantages behind Using Concrete Pile

One of the main advantages that you would get to enjoy with concrete piles would be increasing the bearing capacity of the soil. The piles could be made into different sizes as well as length, and therefore customizing, the project could be completed faster. The construction of the piles could be supervised and can also be driven underwater. Thus, this guide would help you gain a better understanding of concrete piles being a basic component for construction.