A Local’s Guide to Thermofoil Cabinet Door Repair in Chicago

If you want to change the doors of the kitchen cabinets, you will also have to add the drawer fronts; you will have to add the sides of the corner modules, the baseboards, and the hinges to the budget. Depending on whether you choose one material or another, the price will increase, but in any case, you will save a lot of money compared to a total renovation of the furniture.


Laminates and laminated melamines (made up of quality MDF and chipboard boards covered with cellulose paper and synthetic resins) are the cheapest. Polylaminates with PVC or PET coating are a little more expensive. Both materials are very easy to mold to adapt them to rounded shapes. PET is also more stable and recyclable. Polylaminates cost about €10 more per door than laminates and melamine.


They are those with lacquered finishes and those made of solid wood and veneered, whose budget increases by €15 per door for the former and €20 for the latter. In the lacquering process, a primer is applied to an MDF base, sanded, and several coats of lacquer are applied. As for wooden doors, you can choose varieties such as oak beech and different shades of varnish or stain.


Something as simple as replacing old hinges with state-of-the-art ones with a braking closing system is a significant improvement. As for handles, the possibilities are endless, as are the prices, but you can find them from €3-4 per unit.


You can save about €500. Adapting the new doors to the hulls (structure) of the cabinets is not complicated. You can find information and approximate prices at www.ezzy.es, which also offers the “Renew Kitchen by Changing Doors” system and on whose website you can configure the option you need.

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Luxury Cabinets in Chicago

Chicago Thermofoil Cabinet Door Repair for example repair custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities in standard, semi-custom, and custom sizes. They use locally grown Maple wood. In addition to a high-volume production line with an automated spray booth and Ultraviolet coating, they have extensive knowledge and tons of experience in the field of cabinet door repair.