Backyard Ideas in Singapore that Are Timeless

The world of landscaping ideas and designs is a dynamic and evolving one. From a mega-popular trend last month to a cottage core theme, it always transforms and inspires people to do the same. However, being carried away with popular trends won’t do your budget any good (except if you have the financial resources for it).

The best substitute for this wavering devotion is sticking with the classics. And because we’re talking about timeless landscape ideas, we compiled a list for you to take inspiration from.

Low Maintenance Gardening

There’s something about the simplicity of this approach that guarantees long-term success in landscaping. Let’s face it. We are all busy and have to attend to priorities that are time-consuming and stressful. If you don’t want to consistently call on a landscaping company to tend to your outdoor area, keep it simple with low-maintenance gardening.

Going Clean and Green

A tidy, simple, and green landscape will always capture everyone’s gaze. It never goes out of style and will forever remain the classic choice for a beautiful landscape idea. You can maintain it with minimal effort and time.

One Brick at a Time

One of the most popular yet classic landscaping designs that will always make your area appealing is the use of bricks. It can be used for a pathway, a plant box, or anything you can think of.

Designing for Comfort

Possibly the most outstanding innovation of all time, incorporating a lounge or comfort area in an outdoor space! All you have to do is pick out a location, put weather-resistant furniture, and top it off with a shade or an umbrella, and you’re good to go.

Stunning Night Lights

Speaking of comfort in your outdoor space, another timeless addition that will surely light up your world is installing night lights. You can choose from lanterns, string lights, and other lighting fixtures that you think will complement your style.

Veggie and Herb Gardening

When you commit to gardening, it’s not always florals and ornamentals. It doesn’t have to occupy a large space from your area and often, a small bed box can do. What can you make out of a small room? An herb and vegetable garden, of course! It is economical, functional, and perfect for a low-maintenance approach to landscaping.

Landscaping doesn’t have to be grand or expensive to be appreciated. The most simple landscape maintenance can go a long way without having to demand your time and financial resources. If you don’t know which approach suits you the best, you can consult with experts like Urban Landscape Singapore.