Benefits of CCTV Cameras Installation

One of the measures to ensure security in a condo building is the installation of a video surveillance system at the entrance. When you install video surveillance in the entrance hall, you get continuous monitoring of what is happening both inside the entrance hall and in the surrounding area. This will prevent most crimes, and if the offense happened – will help find the criminals and prove their involvement.

Just one kind of surveillance camera alone already scares away intruders. Video cameras in the entrance, above all, are set in places that are not visible from the building manager room, it may be: the area in front of the elevator, stairwells, floors, technical facilities.

Video surveillance cameras in the entrance hall can be installed in both color and black and white. Color CCTV cameras at the entrance are more informative since the identification of people and objects occurs more by color. Black and white cameras, due to contrast, provide a clearer image. In places where access to cameras is not protected, you need to install video surveillance cameras in vandal-resistant versions, to prevent the desire of individuals to disable them. CCTV camera installation in the street, in front of the house, with the use of cameras protected from moisture and dust. Such cameras should have IR lighting, allowing in the dark to see what is happening in their field of view.

All information from the cameras is recorded on a hard disk, which is installed in the body DVR, and if necessary, you can always quickly find the right date and view events that were at that time. The recording is done by motion detection. That is when no one goes out and does not enter, the recording is not going, but should any object pass in the area of CCTV cameras and immediately will start a record. This mode allows more efficient use of hard disk space for video surveillance archives.

In the process of installing video surveillance systems in the entryway, the following goals are often pursued:

  • General protection of the entryway from acts of vandalism, hooliganism, and other activities;
  • Maximum security of property stored in the entrance hall;
  • Preventing or, in special cases, solving burglaries and other crimes which are caught by the cameras;
  • Complete control over the behavior of asocial individuals who enter the entryway;
  • Additional security of each resident of the house at the entrance and exit.

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