Breathe Better: A gift for your health

Today’s generation has seen it all. From pollution to pandemic, we see the world around us crumbling. Asthma is higher than ever, born babies are with breathing disorders, and lung cancer is becoming common. This is not only scary for the present but a nightmare for the future. What has changed so much? With globalization and industrialization, humans are emitting toxic contaminants into the air. These pollute the air and make them unbearably toxic. This is why climate researchers are concerned. Now, the ability to control and return to what it was is almost impossible but the least we can do is to ensure we are breathing clean air.

Working conditions of an air purifier:

While there are many in the market, BIOPÜR portable air purifier, is state-of-the-art technology. It is patented for its UV technology. The best part is that it can clean up to 800 square meters. If you are concerned with the power consumption, it is built with a J lamp. J lamps are highly efficient and they only consume 15W of power. Along with this, the whole air purifier system consumes only 50W! Such a money saver. You can track the number of hours the air purifier has been working, the amount of air purifier, etc., by noting on the LED display. It encompasses all the necessary details.

The ultimate specialty of the BIOPÜR portable air purifier is the filter it is installed with. It is a threefold filter. It contains a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and a carbon filter. This ensures that no virus or bacteria escapes the premises. Another important component is the fan of the purifier. While the filter sucks in the impure air, the fan blows out the clean air. However, we do not want the fan to blow during the winters. This is why the fan comes in multiple settings, which can be operated by the user according to their preference. The fan settings come in automatic, low, medium, and high, thus the air purifier could be used all year round without having to compromise on our comfort.

Advantages of using an air purifier:

Firstly, they are portable. One cannot ensure that there are air purifiers installed everywhere, but they can make sure to carry one and be safe. With the present conditions of pandemic and pollution, this portability is such a godsend feature! Since it is portable, it is lightweight. It could be carried everywhere easily, without hassle. They do not only purify the air but they suck in disease-causing microbes. This ensures that a person is safe from viral and microbial infections. Another excellent feature is that it can suck in that pungent winter odor. It smells like fungus and is the epitome of air-borne diseases. Along with these, they can help reduce the complications of asthma and allergies. Once an allergy or asthma is aggravated, it is extremely difficult to tame down. With an air purifier, they pull out the contaminants and blow in fresh, clean air. Thus, reducing the risk of exposure.