Coffee Table Trends that You Should Follow

The coffee table is one of the most highlighting elements of your living room. It serves both as a functional and decorative unit. It is one piece of furniture that can bring the overall aesthetics of your living room together. While there are various traditional designs when it comes to a coffee table, the modern designs too are never low on aesthetics. 

Hence, here we bring to you some of the most exciting modern coffee table designs that can lighten up your living room even if it is minimal.

Nested coffee table

If you live in an apartment that specifically has a small or studio-like living room, a nested coffee table is a great idea. As the name suggests, the nested coffee table has two tables, one big and one small where the smaller one goes underneath the bigger table. These are flexible and every time you are in need of excess space, you can pull out the smaller table.

White coffee table

As the name suggests, a white coffee table gets as simple as it can. White is always a cheerful color and whenever you install a white coffee table in your living room, it accentuates the overall highlights of the room. Irrespective of the color of your room, a white coffee table will look flawless in your space.

Rustic coffee table

When a coffee table has a wooden top with traditional iron legs, it is called a rustic coffee table. This is one of the most non-fancy yet the most aesthetic coffee tables that one can install in their living room. Usually, the rustic coffee tables are quite spacious and very easy to maintain due to their simple design. 

Wide-faceted coffee table

Wide-faceted coffee tables are suitable for spacious and big living rooms. Since these tables are quite wide and big in size, they need a lot more space. Accordingly, they can also store a lot of things on it. Usually, these tables have a wide tabletop and eventually, narrow down at the bottom.

Glass top coffee table

If you want to show off some aesthetics as well as class and sophistication, glass-top coffee tables are the best idea. These tables usually take up a lot of space and are suitable for big living rooms. 

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