Commercial Outdoor Lighting Systems: Important Things to Consider

Commercial outdoor lighting can make a significant difference in the appearance of community entrances, business buildings, and commercial areas. With proper lighting, a property can stand out in the evening, looking inviting, safe, and professional. However, designing and installing a commercial outdoor lighting system requires careful consideration to ensure it looks right and lasts. Let’s explore the key factors to consider.

Engage an experienced, creative lighting designer for your project

The success of any commercial outdoor lighting project depends on using an experienced and creative exterior lighting contractor. They possess the ability to envision possibilities and understand the limitations of the project. Factors such as building size, architecture, color, materials, wiring options, electrical outlets, obstacles, and mounting materials all play a role in the lighting design.

Evaluate lighting fixture types, materials, placement, and safety

Choosing the appropriate fixture types, materials, transformer sizes, and determining the correct brightness, color, and angle of light spread are crucial variables in developing a proper lighting system design.

Position light fixtures strategically

Proper positioning of light fixtures is essential to achieve desired effects and ensure safety. Avoid placing fixtures in areas prone to tripping hazards or potential damage, such as grass areas susceptible to lawn maintenance equipment. The interplay between light and shadow is crucial for achieving aesthetically appealing and safe results. For example, lighting a 30-foot tree with a flower bed around the base offers multiple techniques, each resulting in a different look based on factors like tree type, maintenance, and overall lighting goals.

Ensure proper installation of outdoor lighting

Besides understanding lighting design, proper installation is critical for commercial outdoor lighting systems. It is common to come across poorly installed systems that do not function properly or require constant repairs. Opting for a well-executed installation from the beginning saves time and money.

Proper exterior light installation involves using the right materials, including correctly sized transformers, appropriate gauge wiring, and suitable installation materials for safety and longevity. It is important to use outdoor-rated connections to prevent corrosion and ensure proper wiring protection. Proper burial depth of wires is crucial to avoid accidental damage and potential fire hazards. Wiring should be concealed, and connections should be waterproof.

Creating a properly designed commercial lighting system involves multiple variables

To summarize, a properly designed commercial lighting system maximizes the potential of the property, buildings, and signage. It requires the expertise of a lighting designer/contractor who uses the right materials, fixtures, and techniques. The coordination of light colors, brightness, and spread is crucial for a successful outcome. Furthermore, correct installation ensures the system’s safety, effectiveness, and longevity.

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Commercial outdoor and landscape lighting is not just a service or product—it is an art. Different companies will offer different designs and installations with unique components. When planning your outdoor lighting project, we recommend consulting with multiple service providers, reviewing their design galleries, considering their experience and reputation, and ensuring they offer great warranties and prompt service. Choosing LD lighting as one of those companies will ensure you receive top-quality service and expertise.

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