Consequences Of Damp Walls

Damp walls are a frequent and irritating problem. They cause mold, lead to less efficient energy consumption, and affect the construction of the house. We must therefore act quickly. Here you find solutions for various moisture problems.

Physical Complaints

A damp house is not good for your health. The government has commissioned several studies on this topic. They noted that a damp and poorly ventilated home could lead to various health complaints. Among other things, problems with the respiratory tract, headaches, fatigue, and aggravation of rheumatic diseases are common. However, many complaints are caused by the presence of mold. These are tiny fungal spores that can lead to all kinds of allergic reactions.

House Mite And Vermin

Silverfish, earwigs, woodlice, and other insects are attracted to moist environments. They’re not directly harmful to health, but you probably don’t want them in your home. By combating humidity problems in time, you prevent your home from becoming a hotel for these unwanted visitors. They usually search for food at night. The house mite also thrives in humid conditions. It is the excrement of the house mite that causes allergic reactions. They can cause dyspnea, cough, or other asthmatic symptoms.

Prevent More Home Damage

A persistent moisture problem is disadvantageous for the construction of the house. Think of damaged plaster, rotting wooden beams, or metal parts of the construction that start to rust. Repairing such damage can cost a lot of money. By combating moisture problems quickly and thoroughly, you avoid high costs and prevent the value of your home from falling. Humidity-expert. Collaborates with specialized professionals. With them, you can request more information and tailor-made quotes. For specific information and tailored pricing, click here. This service is free and without obligation.

Request Quote: Damp Treatment

If you have moisture problems, calling a professional such as damp proofing Kent for example is in your best interest. They will be able to determine the cause of the problem and advise you on choosing the best solution.