Considerations for the backyard beds

Your outdoor sleeping area could be as simple as a sleeping bag in a makeshift tent or as luxurious as a king-sized bed with an upscale mattress hanging from chains over a paving stone patio. Hammocks are easy, affordable outdoor daybeds options that are often portable and often take up less space than other options.

A Murphy bed might be a good choice for you if you want a patio bed but do not have much room on your patio. The outdoor daybeds designed for use outdoors are widely available and easy to find online and in stores. This is a great option for folks who want something that can be used as a bed or a sofa.

Bed for the backyard:

If you have a sturdy cover over your patio, you might consider a hanging bed. They look fantastic and are one of the few options that will not cover up the design of your paving stone patio that you so carefully chose and might want to show off to guests. You can use chains, cables, or wooden posts to hang your bed and can dress it up to match the rest of your patio furniture.

This tried-and-true option is another one that can do double duty by providing a nice place to curl up with a book or a comfy lounger for sunbathing by the pool. While they may not be quite as roomy and comfortable as other options, they are easy to find and often more affordable.

Make the home neat with bed:

A little harder to find but well worth the effort, double chaise lounges provide ample space for napping or relaxing. Some available options have two sides that face each other, which also makes this a great option for relaxing outside while catching up with a friend over a glass of wine.

An old, metal bed frame is an inexpensive option that adds a bit of whimsy to your yard and goes great with a cottage look or English garden. They can also be outfitted with conventional bedding for truly bringing your indoor sleeping experience outdoors.

You may have seen this type of backyard bed in magazines or photos of beachside resorts in the Caribbean. Create a comfortable hangout space that is low to the ground and easy to move around by creating a patio bed with floor cushions. This could incorporate hanging beds with independent casings, unattached loungers, or even high decks that you can stroll underneath or ascend a stepping stool to the bed at the top.