Considering Moving to West Hattiesburg? Important Facts to Consider

There are several reasons why you would want to move elsewhere. Most people’s typical objective is to get a better career or establish a family. Others relocate due to education or new opportunities in life. What they all have in common is a desire for fresh starts and better lives. If you determine that relocating to West Hattiesburg is the best option, there are many helpful hints and recommendations. West Hattiesburg is a lovely neighborhood with a lot to offer. However, if you need help managing the relocation procedure, a West Hattiesburg MS real estate agent Beth Scharwath, can help.

In addition, this piece will provide vital information to make your relocation to West Hattiesburg a breeze.

The cost of living

One of the most compelling reasons for moving to West Hattiesburg is the ability to enjoy peace of mind and accessibility without spending an arm and a leg. Mississippi has a 15% cheaper cost of living than the rest of the country! Even though the area has a greater cost of living than many other towns in Mississippi, items like food, transportation, and West Hattiesburg real estate properties will leave you with less money than in most other cities. The typical listing price for homes for sale in West Hattiesburg is $225K, although real estate in the neighborhood comes in a broad range of price ranges.

The labor market

The cheap cost of home living is largely anchored in the thriving economy. Mississippi has an extremely low rate of unemployment of about 3.4%. The current minimum salary is the national minimum of $7.25 per hour. Before relocating to West Hattiesburg, you should know that the most in-demand occupations are physiotherapists, clinical sonographers, tax analysts, home health aides, interpreters/translators, nurse practitioners, and marketers. This neighborhood has countless job opportunities. If you want to go all in, the highest-paying positions in the state currently comprise surgeons, pediatricians, orthodontic specialists, OB/GYN, psychiatrists, dental professionals, and nurse anesthetists.


The West Hattiesburg real estate neighborhood is about an hour and a half commute from the Gulf. Its proximity to three major metropolitan areas makes it a good location for commuters. West Hattiesburg is less than a two-hour drive from Jackson, Mobile, and New Orleans, and major cities’ benefits are also close by. Whether you’re drawn to touristic New Orleans, Jackson’s museums, or Mobile’s cruise ship atmosphere, the choices for leisure and amusement are limitless.

Atmosphere of an old-school campus town

Not only does Hattiesburg’s status as a “college town” imply that there is a lot of activity in the region, but it also implies that there are lots of things to do. The University of Southern Mississippi is the largest institution in the area, and football activities alone are reason enough to go to West Hattiesburg. At the university, there is constantly a game to enjoy, a concert to see, or a gallery to visit.

However, the fact that West Hattiesburg is teeming with college students does not imply that it is always rife with parties and loud noises. The culture at Southern Miss is rather mild, with much of the raucousness concentrated on the football stadium.

The information regarding this community’s benefits is really valuable, particularly if you are relocating from a distance and are unfamiliar with the area. Before relocating, spend as much time as possible exploring the region. You can consult a real estate agent to provide more information about West Hattiesburg before you relocate. The more you know about this neighborhood, the glad you will be to call it home.