Different Kinds of Quartz Countertops and Their Caring

Usually such quartz countertops are much expensive as compared to granite top that people are quite familiar with.

However, quartz countertops can offer very good appearance and also, they are quite easy to maintain. There is also built-in antimicrobial layer over the top, that can protect against bacteria and other harmful microbes.

Quartz countertops types

Usually, most of these quartz countertops are imported from outside countries and hence they are a bit expensive.

Spanish based companies offer their Silestone quartz which is the most durable kind of quartz and they can be highly resistant to scratches, stains and any other damages. You will also get a warranty of 25 years too.

You can also get quartz countertops of American or Cambria based quartz which is available in every possible color or design that you want.


  1. Non porous surface with antimicrobial layer, and thus making them very highly bacteria resistant.
  2. Quartz countertops are more environment friendly, as manufacturers use various waste materials instead of using new raw material
  3. No sealing is needed for quartz countertops during installation and also at any time during their lifetime.
  4. Usually, quartz countertops are literally, flawless. No cracks and imperfection can be found on its surface.

How to Maintain and Clean Quartz Countertops?

Following are few things to know about quartz countertops.

  1. You must avoid using harsh chemicals

There are few strong chemical agents, e.g. bleach, turpentine and oven cleaner may weaken the resin strength and cause the dull appearance of quartz.

In case, you spill any kind of harsh chemicals on the quartz counters, then you must clean them off by using warm water with soap immediately.

  1. Use a washcloth after soaking in warm soap solution

For cleaning your quartz countertops, you will need warm water with soap. Even any regular glass cleaner will also work well to do deep cleaning.

  1. Avoid placing hot items on the quartz countertops

You must avoid placing indoor grills and any other countertop appliances which generate heat, like crock pots.

If you place any hot objects on the quartz countertop then it can cause its surface to crack.  Prefer to place silicone heatproof mat below heat-generating appliances, hot pans and pots.

  1. Remove spills and stains immediately

Usually, quartz countertops may not get stained very easily, but they can stain in case the spillage is not immediately cleaned up. Wipe up any difficult stains by using washcloth dipped in warm water with baking soda.