Do You Dare To Paint The Floor At Home?

Painting the floor of a house has become a real trend, especially in cases in which we cannot, or do not want to change the floor since it involves a much greater outlay than the simple act of painting. 

Indeed, vinyl is a very useful option to change the floor’s appearance, but the paint will always be much more natural.

Is It Possible To Paint On Any Type Of Floor?

One of the most common questions is whether it is possible to paint any type of floor and the answer is yes, all types of floors can be painted. You just have to hire professional Oahu Pro Painters to achieve that the painting is perfect and professional.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the soil pore must always be open. It is necessary to chemically brush, sand, or open the pore and let it rest for the necessary time. Likewise, the soil must be free of humidity so that the result is what we expect.

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The Best Paint To Paint The Floor Of A House

There are three paints for floors, and we will have to use one of them depending on the type of use that is given or the type of soil it is.

  1. Acrylic Or Water-Based Paint For The Floor

Acrylic paint is best suited for painting asphalt or concrete areas, as well as garage areas. Its use is very simple since you just have to dilute it with water. Of course, it dries very quickly so, once the paint is diluted, we must make a quick application.

  1. Synthetic Or Solvent Paint

Like acrylic paint, synthetic paint is also recommended for hard surfaces, such as asphalt. In this case, the paint is diluted in synthetic solvent for use, and its drying is considerably slower than in the case of acrylic paint.

  1. Two-Component Resin-Based Paint

Two-component resin-based paints can be of two different types:

  • Epoxy: used to decorate and protect the flooring from possible wear and tear. Of course, this paint has a useful life of just four hours since it dries quickly.
  • Polyurethane: like the epoxy type, polyurethane paint is quite resistant, so it is also used to protect the pavement. Ideal for uneven surfaces, although it dries much faster than the previous one if mixed with a damp space.

Do you dare to paint the floor at home? With care and patience, the floor of your house can be as freshly laid.