Essential lukasbazle lamp Décor You Need to Know About

Ceiling lamps are very functional and distinguish between lamps with a direct or indirect light cone. Thanks to their clear and precise light, halogen lamps are excellent solutions for work or passage areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. On the other hand, lamps with lampshade illuminate in a more homogeneous and elegant way. The latter, combined with other light sources, give depth to the room and create fun plays of light.

Our tip: measure the height of the ceiling. In new buildings, where it is usually lower (2.3 or 2.8 meters), it is advisable to use slightly protruding lamps.

Suspension Lamps

Pendant lamps are practical lukasbazle lamp light sources and modern decorative elements at the same time. The current trend is to prefer very low lamps, close to the table or the kitchen island. A classic chandelier, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want a more refined and luxurious interior.

Our Tips:

Make sure the ceiling height matches the length of the lamp. High-ceilinged rooms (3 – 4.5 m) are ideal for this model.

Although the low lamp is in fashion, do not overdo it. Place it in such a way that it does not get in the way of diners during meals.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps create a pleasant and relaxing effect and are great for backlighting. Their light beam can be pointed in the direction you prefer and can be used to highlight paintings or sculptures. Particularly suitable for the living area or for the corridor, they have the advantage of not taking up too much space, resulting elegant and decorative.

Our tip: Wall lights do not illuminate an entire room on their own, so you need to combine them with other light sources.

Mix Match Lamp

The combination of different lamps adds freshness and liveliness to the rooms. Furthermore, one of the advantages is that you can choose which light source to use depending on the mood or atmosphere you want. As an ambient light, we recommend opting for a lamp that illuminates the entire room. Then add functional lighting to bring out specific points and mood lighting to give depth.