Essential Questions to Ask a Basement Waterproofing Contractor

Do you have a wet, moldy, or musty basement or crawl space? If you want to fix your water problems and ensure that your home is dry, healthy, and functional, consider hiring a waterproofing firm.

It is always essential to hire a basement waterproofing oakland ca professional who is an expert and knows how the work is done. Professionals will ensure that every measure is taken care of to provide any future damage and causes.

But in doing so, it is always important to ask several questions before you hire time. This will assure you whether the company is right for you or whether you should look for a better one.

Before you start finding the right one, let’s look at the questions you should ask first.

1 – Do your services require excavation?

Excavation removes a building to access or install a product in your foundation or basement. The cost will typically increase if excavation is necessary since larger, more powerful equipment is required. Make sure to find out how much digging is required and where it will occur (interior or exterior).

2 – What will the finished work look like?

If your home needs substantial repairs, such as an external excavation or an inside drain system, the quality will impact your home’s aesthetic. The basement waterproofing Iowa City contractor should be questioned regarding the materials they plan to employ and the depth of the dig. Additionally, it’s critical to guarantee that the work is completed neatly and professionally.

3 – Are you licensed?

Homeowners should ask this question before any work is done on their residence. For basement waterproofing, it’s crucial to determine if the contractor is licensed and insured to do the work legally.

Bonding, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation can protect you financially in case of an accident at work or damage to your house, even if a permit is unnecessary.

Over to you

These guidelines are for picking the best basement waterproofing Iowa City contractor to complete your work. A professional company will be able to answer all your questions; if they are unable to do so, consider them a red flag and proceed with caution.‍