Factors to Consider when Choosing a CCTV Surveillance for your Company or Home

There are quite a few CCTV camera types offered in Singapore to ensure your security. Commercial and residential areas are now using a standardized security protocol that aids in reducing crime and monitoring activities around the clock. Each type of surveillance camera has various capabilities that suit a specific use.

8 Questions to Ask Yourself

You cannot go about buying just any residential surveillance system installation las vegas nv in the market. It is crucial to select a model that best suits residential or commercial purposes.

Here are eight questions to ask yourself before choosing a camera for the CCTV surveillance of your property in Singapore.

Q #1: Are you using the camera indoors or outdoors?

Most available CCTV surveillance cameras in Singapore suit both indoor and outdoor use. However, it is also best to consider aspects like mounting and housing. If the camera will be in a chilly place, buying a sturdy camera that has an integrated heater ensures that it will work regardless of the temperature. Select a sturdy solution to ensure that your CCTV system can run successfully in severe conditions.

Q #2: Do you want a discreet option? Or do you want people to see it?

Whether you need visible or hidden CCTV cameras upon installation on your property in Singapore is a personal decision. Larger cameras can serve as a reminder to people that they are being watched, minimising the likelihood of theft. PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras are the best option for covering sizable areas and following subjects.

Q #3: What is the size of the area you want to monitor?

The size of the area determines the ideal CCTV camera for the surveillance of your property in Singapore. PTZ cameras are ideally suited for wider regions and can minimise the number of cameras required. It can help you save money without sacrificing visual quality. On the other hand, smaller areas are more likely to require static cameras.

Q #4: Do you also want it to record audio?

Integrating audio into the CCTV surveillance system of your company or home allows you to hear and talk with potential offenders. It may also be a stand-alone detection mechanism, initiating recordings and alerts when audio levels exceed a specified threshold.

Q #5: Do you need the video to be high-quality?

The size of the area also determines the resolution required for the CCTV surveillance system in your company or home. High-resolution cameras are typically assumed to be the best choice. Yet, they are not always the ideal choice for every situation. Rather than setting aside a budget for high-definition cameras, it is more cost-efficient to evaluate each region you want to cover based on what you need to monitor.

Q #6: How will the lighting in various areas affect the footage?

Variable levels of sunshine and adequate illumination in darker months can impact the successful placement of CCTV surveillance cameras in your company or home. Background glare from security lights and sun or light reflection from windows are more elements to consider. It is critical to set cameras efficiently based on lighting conditions, especially when using external cameras.

Q #7: Will it be possible to integrate more cameras?

It is best to consider installing a versatile and scalable CCTV surveillance system in your company or home. Traditional CCTV systems are challenging to scale and are hardwired. On the other hand, IP cameras communicate through a wireless network, allowing you to grow any system. It is simple and quick to add IP cameras to a network, and there is no wiring to modify or upgrade.

Q #8: How will you benefit from the CCTV surveillance system?

CCTV surveillance in residential areas in Singapore can lessen the probability of crimes like theft and trespassing. However, a reliable CCTV camera system may also help with more sizable corporate operations and analytics. CCTV systems in the retail industry may give data and customer insights to improve customer experience and corporate profitability. You can also use video evidence to confirm theft, workplace aggression, property damage, and vandalism.



4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a CCTV Camera

You should consider various variables if you want to install a CCTV video surveillance system in your company or at home. Here are four factors you should consider when selecting the correct type of camera for your purpose.

#1 Lens Sizes

Understanding lens sizes of CCTV cameras available in Singapore is simple: the smaller the size in mm, the more the area you will be able to view. Once you’ve determined the ideal lens size for your needs, you may pick between fixed and varifocal lenses. Security firms recommend using fixed lenses inside since they give a broad view of the surroundings. They are, however, also suited for outdoor use. On the other hand, varifocal lenses are more commonly used outdoors due to their zoom and focus capabilities.

#2 Camera Sensor

DifferentCCTV cameras offered in Singapore have sensors with varying capacities. CMOS and CCD sensors are the most common sensors used in CCTV cameras. CMOS is less expensive and requires less power than CCD, but CCD is more sensitive and generates crisper pictures. Another essential component is sensor size; more sizable sensors provide higher quality images.

#3 Resolution

A megapixel camera is any camera having a resolution of more than a million pixels. The lowest video resolution for CCTV cameras in Singapore in the megapixel range is roughly 1.3 megapixels. Most people typically choose 2-megapixel cameras for their homes, small workplaces, or retail locations. On the other hand, HD cameras have a defined resolution of 720p or 1080p. These cameras are ideal for high security and sensitive places.

#4 Type of Camera

The best CCTV surveillance camera for properties in Singapore will depend on the purpose and environment. Some of the most common CCTV cameras available today are the Bullet Camera, Dome Camera, Turret Camera, PTZ Camera, and Discreet Camera. Each type of camera has unique powers, functions, advantages and disadvantages. It is best to be wise in choosing the best camera for your purpose.

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