Fire Watch Services

A fire can be devastating, destroying property, destroying assets, and even killing people. Disaster can occur when a fire protection system malfunctions. A building may be subject to a 24-hour fire watch under state law if a system fails or malfunctions. Have a look at this service: Fire Watch Guards

Our company offers the customized, round-the-clock fire watch services you need to protect your employees and property. Our competent fire watch guards ensure that you are safe and in full compliance with the law.

Your property is monitored by our guards, who are available at any time and are well-versed in fire watch procedures and risk factors. They know exactly what dangers to look for and how to react to any signs of danger. In the event of a fire, our systems guarantee prompt mobilization and early warning to minimize or prevent damage.

Our fire watch guards meet all of the requirements set by the fire marshal. Not only have they received specialized training in fire safety, but they also know how to evacuate and what fire safety equipment is appropriate for your location.

Circumstances Requiring a Fire Watch

Alarm systems that aren’t working properly

Fire sprinklers that aren’t working properly

Power outages

The shutdown of the water supply

Materials that are toxic or flammable

Components of a Fire Watch:

Check for fire signs (flames, smoke, burning odors, improperly stored flammable or hazardous materials, and elevated temperatures)

Identify other dangerous situations (water, steam, gas leaks, and power losses).

Monitor premises for other safety issues that could create risk or delay response time.

Ensure that fire lanes are clear of vehicles and other obstacles.

Make sure that all fire and emergency equipment, including extinguishers, is fully functional and up to date.

Keep a log of fire watch activities.

In the event of an emergency, notify the fire department.

If necessary, perform a quick and safe evacuation.

Patrol Details

All areas of the building, including the common areas, corridors, mechanical, and storage rooms on every floor,


Residence buildings that are occupied

Residence buildings that are not occupied

Typically, a patrol occurs every 30 to 60 minutes. The frequency that your local fire department uses is determined by the risk level.

Record Keeping

During the fire watch, your facility keeps a patrol log at all times. It includes:

Your address and the times of each patrol.

The name of the fire watch guard who is on duty.

All communications with the fire department and protection system company.

Any other information the fire marshal asks for.