Get the rug installed in your house to create the difference

Many years ago, Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The soul of the apartment is the rugs“, and it could not have been more correct from an interior design perspective. The carpet or rugs is the construction block of the entire decoration. At the time the carpet installation omaha ne is calculated for a room, establish how the room will be placed and what colors are going well with it. Often, people ask us: “How do we start a design? What are the first things we do?” Interior designers spend a lot of time investigating and listening to customers before designing anything, but when we rise, we start with the carpets.

In general, a color palette is built from a selection of rugs. As designers, we like to say “it is easier to find a fabric to accompany a rug than to find a rug to go with a fabric.” Very often we begin by defining the color palette with the rugs. Carpets or rugs can be in many styles and colors. In today’s contemporary style that is so popular now, there are many manufacturers that produce beautiful modern style rugs in fabulous abstract designs. These designs often have soft colors or, depending on their design intention, can be bright colors. They can be designed and colored, and make the exact size that your room requires. In general, they are made of wool (wool simply absorbs the color better than other materials, not to mention that they are phenomenally durable and spot resistant), and you can ask for a thickness or a “specific” thread count. These contemporary carpets can be as beautiful in an apartment as abstract paint on the wall and are often used as a floor that covers without any furniture in them. The design of a room is definitely “anchored” and can be an important focal point.

Alternatively, there are incredible old rugs available in traditional designs, or new rugs that seem old. One of our favorite sources for new rugs is a company that produces rugs in the exact way that were made more than 200 years ago. They weave carpets and rugs in the same villages in Turkey, where they have been weaving them for centuries while using the same dyes of pure vegetables and sheep wool that have naturally been spent on the same slopes.

In fact, the people who make the rugs are descendants of those who perfected the ship so long ago. They have the same method of “finishing” rugs and carpets, creating bright or matt threads, colors off or bright, for an ancient appearance or a newer appearance. They can make the carpets look older by bypassing colors and cutting the nap of the rugs to create similar areas. The patterns are traditional (although they are starting a new line with more contemporary simple designs) and the original colors of the design. It is fascinating to see these rugs made in the old looms in lovely and picturesque villages.

Ancient carpets or rugs can also be used in the same way, but one depends more on the existing carpet and pattern at the beginning of the design of a room. Whether you buy a “new” ancient “or have one that has been in the family for generations, we love the gently used patina and the mild wear that the old rugs give. Speak of quality and stability, at the base of the house. And antiques are often so mottled with myriad colors that it is generally easy to find something in them to go with a color scheme that is being developed.