Here’s How Groundwater Goes Up In Your Basement And How Waterproofing Can Help

Rainwater and melted snow settle in what is called as the water table. If this part of the ground within your property receives too much water, it can rise and prompt the excessive water to cause hydrostatic pressure and seep into areas with cracks and gaps, and has no enough layer of protection — for instance, your basement. This is why it’s crucial to invest in basement waterproofing, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey. Even with the presence of too much water in the ground, you can have that peace of mind that your basement will remain dry.

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But how can waterproofing particularly help?

Seal gaps and cracks. One of the first things that waterproofing experts check is the presence of gaps and cracks in your basement. This is typically done by applying sealants or caulks. However, take note that this one is not enough to resolve your issue…which brings us to the next bullet

Fix footing drains. Footing drains are installed underground to direct water away from your foundation. If your property has these drains, your team of basement waterproofing, Egg Harbor City, New Jersey professionals will have to check this area. They will address any clog issues that prevent these drains from optimally functioning.

Create an interior drain system. This task is typically done if you can’t keep subsurface water out. The pipes that will be installed inside your basement will lead to a certain collection tank. This is a good alternative if you can’t opt for an exterior drainage system

Waterproof basement walls. If you want to lessen the hydrostatic pressure being felt by your basement walls, it’s best to tap professionals to waterproof these walls. This is a beneficial option for people whose basements have too many gaps and cracks.

Slope soil away from your foundation. Referred to as foundation soil grading, this waterproofing method is a process in which you add dirt to the area around your foundation until the slope moves away from your property. Doing so will prevent water from accumulating around your basement, thereby increasing the likelihood of water seeping into this part of your home.

More Basement Waterproofing Benefits

Apart from preventing groundwater to seep in your basement, basement waterproofing, Egg Harbor City provides a host of other benefits, which include:

Lowering your utility bill. If you have a damp and moist basement, your HVAC system would have to perform more extensively than the usual to ensure that there’s proper airflow and temperature level throughout your home. As a result, you’d have higher utility bills. To counter this effect, waterproofing your basement is key.

Keeping your structural integrity intact. Water damage can have a negative impact on the strength of your foundation. If you don’t want your concrete surfaces like your flooring system to get damaged, you have to keep it protected against water, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Protecting your belongings — and your health. A waterproofed basement can serve as safe, additional storage for your belongings and valuables. Apart from this benefit, another perk is the prevention of mold growth — which in turn will protect you and your loved ones from mold-caused diseases.

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