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How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Bartley Vue Condo?

Are you looking for a new home? Most of the time (particularly during these days), the living area’s dimensions become smaller and smaller while it becomes more and more costly.

However, whether by necessity or by choice, everyone still affords to live in condominium units.

Condominiums, like the Bartley Vue condo, are the trend for real estate these days. It is a vast property complex that is split into units that are being marketed. In reality, based on the survey, 6 out of 10 home sales are condominiums; would you believe that?

People invest in real estate for various reasons. This manner of living appears to be both competent and trendy to handle the city’s lifestyle. It may be an excellent choice for a young professional to be near their work—otherwise, a perfect beginning for a newly married couple.

But unlike a traditional house and lot, a condominium unit only has a limited area to offer. Everyone has to deal with the hurdle of a comfortable, beautiful-looking home, notwithstanding the limited area availability. Let’s discover together how.

How to make the most out of a limited space living?


Any place, no matter how small or big it is, has to have an entryway. That is where you welcome and accept anyone who arrives at your home. We may overlook the value of dressing up the hall, particularly when you only have enough area for passage. But in fact, it doesn’t matter; in several ways, you can own an inviting place by decorating your entryway.

It can be accomplished by just hanging mirrors or frames or any art pieces on the wall. If additional space is provided, you can place a cabinet to store your coats and shoes or a table with decorative items such as lamps and vases.

Living Room

There’s a chance that you may not want the family room alone to occupy all the space you have. After all, it shares a single floor with the bedroom, kitchen, and dining. You must understand how to allocate your areas evenly to produce a free-flowing space.

In arranging your living area, the only solution is to utilize multi-functional fittings. The concept of using a convertible sofa mattress is a brilliant way to conserve room. Similarly, owning a pop-up trundle offers an additional bed for any visitor who wants to come in. It would be best to pull it out when required and push it back when not. A straightforward thing to do!


The kitchen is a valuable space inside your home. Regardless of how small your area is, you must not neglect to designate a space for it. It may be tiny, but still, it can be valuable. And with the fact that you only have a limited area, the only answer is maximizing the room. You must understand how to utilize every bit of space or corner that is given. Built-in cabinets are helpful. And setting it up from wall-to-wall and ceiling-to-floor is an excellent way. It can be utilized in storing your devices and other things to have an organized appearance.

Dining Area

You can imagine unique ideas on how to conserve space. It may be strange, but you must adopt the habit of folding and unfolding furniture in this situation. There are already numerous folding chairs and tables available in the market. Or you may request assistance from your designer if you want a customized one. There are various forms of the wall-mounted table that are foldable that you can pick from. It is the craze nowadays, and it just looks so bright!


As I was saying, be creative! Since you are handling a limited area, a condo would exceedingly benefit from hide-away beds. It is an outstanding solution in conserving rooms and excellent bed space for visitors. Well, it is spread down when used and folded up when not. These days, there are Murphy beds or hide-away beds that provide great style and comfort at the same time.


Your Bartley Vue condo unit, believe it or not, holds more walls than floor place. So occupy any free wide walls you have. Rather than buying another cabinet or TV stand that can only use the open space left, better utilize the walls.

Fasten that flat-screen wide television. It can conserve space and be an extra accent or decor inside your room. You can also use your walls in displaying artwork or creative work you own. You might want to coat it or hang some framed portraits that can produce a fantastic ambiance to your area.

Shelves and Cabinets

Shelves and cabinets are your only answer for a clutter-free interior. Hanging shelves and built-in cabinets are the funny way of arranging and organizing your stuff. It would always turn out to be a great idea to keep the items that are not frequently used. Keep in mind, when living in a small place, your primary purpose is to save as much free space as possible.