How Carpets Might Suit Your Home More Than Hard Flooring

When you’re designing any home or workspace, what’s the first thing you need to figure out first? Surprisingly, it’s not your furniture centrepieces, even though those are important to your room’s design as well. And no, it’s not the decor that you plan to buy for your space. If you’re like most homeowners or building managers, you’re going to be preoccupied with the building or construction materials first. For example, the kind of bathroom tiles or office carpet you want to use for your rooms. Maybe even the paint or colours you want to use for your room is also a priority.

How flooring functions in your homes and spaces

Before you furnish your home, you’re going to need to work on the basics first. One of those things is what kind of flooring you will use in every part of your home. They matter much more than you think! Different rooms have different flooring needs. Flooring also affects the aesthetics of your house. Why do you think homeowners do their best to find a vinyl flooring supplier or a tile and textile company when constructing rooms?

Flooring is the first point of physical contact between you and your space. It can even affect your overall levels of comfort in your home. Even your home’s functionality is affected by flooring options. Think about different parts of your house and pay attention to the types of floors seen in each room.

For example, bathrooms and kitchens usually have tiled floors or other similarly waterproof floorings, because these are the two wettest parts of your house. Children’s rooms or pet rooms might have softer flooring options to minimise the impact of slips and other accidents from the little ones. And you might see luxury carpet tiles in hotel lobbies in Singapore. Though you may not notice them much, they still provide a lot for your space.

What options have you considered when it comes to flooring options? Hard flooring like marble, vinyl, or tiles might be popular in Singapore, but you shouldn’t miss out on the benefits that soft flooring can provide. Have you ever considered carpeting? Just like rugs and mats, carpets are squares of fabric that we use on our floors. They’re a soft flooring option that you can use that can sometimes be more beneficial than hard tile, wood, stone, and more.

Why should you choose carpets?


When you can explore such a wide selection of flooring, it’s hard to understand why someone would choose soft over hard flooring. Aren’t they much less durable? Well, there are reasons to favour them, but that doesn’t mean carpets don’t have their upsides. Here are a few reasons you should consider using carpets for your rooms.

1) Carpets come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have a theme for your living room but want a specific flooring style that matches it? Never fear. Carpets come in more colours, shapes, and styles than most hard flooring that you can think of. You can even cut and style carpets however you want them. You can even get a grass carpet in Singapore if you want your indoor spaces to simulate an outdoor environment.

2) It’s a safe flooring option perfect for many environments. Hard flooring can seriously injure you if you happen to slip or get into any accidents. You can minimise the chances of harm or damage by using soft flooring in accident-prone areas. Since safety is a common concern in many households and workplaces, carpets are the perfect way for you to protect whoever uses your spaces.

3) They’re easier to maintain, replace, and clean. Carpets have acquired a notorious reputation for being difficult to maintain. It’s wholly undeserved! Carpets are generally easier to maintain over their lifetimes than hard flooring. You only need to pay attention to cleaning it regularly so it will stay in good condition. You don’t need to worry about how to remove and replace carpets as you do hardwood or tile.

4) Most carpets have a softer texture. Alright, maybe you don’t (normally) have the opportunity to run barefoot over your office carpet. But it’s undeniable that they feel much more comfortable under your feet. It might not seem like much, but after a long day, the first thing you might probably appreciate is the soft and luxurious feel of your carpet back home.

5) They give your homes a little more personality and cosiness. For the same reason why you might want to get your favourite decor up on your shelves or a nice throw rug in your living room, your carpets give your homes a little bit of personality. Does your room design feel a little bare? A great carpet that covers most of your space might just be the missing element you need for your house to feel like a home.

6) You can save up on costs compared to hard flooring. There have been numerous studies detailing this. Though carpets may seem like an unnecessary investment, over time they can save you money. You don’t need to spend as much time repairing and maintaining carpets as you do hard flooring.

7) Carpets are surprisingly customisable. If you want an entirely new look for your carpet, it isn’t hard to attain it. Some carpet options like carpet tiles work best for your Singapore home. These carpets come in squares that you can mix and match to get a unique look. You can even choose to cut your carpet according to the shape of your floor layout.

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