How does a standby generator work?

A standby generator is a vital piece of equipment for homes, businesses, and public sector buildings and institutions across the planet. They provide an important function at times where the general power and national grid have come under pressure and caused an electricity blackout. This could be for a few hours or a few days depending on the circumstance, but without a backup generator this could have dire consequences for the building, the people, and the items within it.


Utilising the power of solar energy and combining this with a standby generator is the perfect way to enhance your chances of minimal disruption in the event of ablackout.


What is a solar standby generator?


You’ll have a fair idea about solar panel systems and how energy is created from direct sunlight. A solar power generator is a compact box that draws energy from solar panels and stores it within a high-capacity battery for use at a later date. This compact electrical box has batteries, a charge controller, and an inverter.


Solar standby generators are the perfect solution for any person who needs a backup option but is worried about the negative impact on the environment that diesel and petrol-powered generators have.


How does a solar generator work?


The battery within a solar generator must have the capacity to store enough energy that it captures from the sun. The charge controller protects and promotes the batteries, and the inverter is designed to convert low DC power from the battery into AC power that you can use to power different devices and appliances in your home, or wherever you are using a standby generator.


Why should I choose a solar standby generator?


A solar generator is a practical solution as a backup, if you are used to constant blackouts of electricity, you require a generator for life on the road, or you live or work in a building where there is a need to have a constant supply of electricity with a solid backup a necessity.


Choosing the right type of solar generator is important, linking up with the solar panel system efficiently to store the optimum amount of energy for later use. This smooth transition ensures that you are never left short in the event of the mains electricity going down for whatever reason.

Whether you need a standby solar generator for your place of work, to power certain appliances at home or for your camper van on a long road trip, it is important to find the right type of generator for your needs. Living off the grid for a short period, or being prepared for a blackout in an emergency, are just two reasons why you need to find a reputable supplier of solar backup generators that provide you with the tools that will never let you down. Now that you have some idea about the basics of how they work, you can plan accordingly to find the right generator for your needs.