How Does Solid Color Mats Work for The Entrance – Is It the Best Idea? 

People are giving more importance to the color of the mats when it comes to choosing one for the entrance or the inner flooring. Putting appearance on priority list while choosing a mat is an ideal option, but it shouldn’t make you compromise the quality and durability of the mats. 

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Choosing the Mats 

Most of the interior decorators and house owners choose solid color mats such as solid white, solid black, or solid grey for their entrance. While they think that these mats will offer a wonderful welcoming ambiance to the floor, they forget to understand the fact that many such mats will not last longer than a person takes a step across it. 

Solid Colors of Mats 

Plane solid mats of dark shades are designed in such a way that every piece of debris on it will be visible. This is not the case in the grizzly mats. Grizzly mats will camouflage the debris that is present on them and it will not make much difference on the mat. 

Since there is constant visibility of debris on the mats, you must vacuum it at a regular time interval. If missed, then you can notice the presence of debris on the mat for as long as you vacuum it the next time. This is not the case in the grizzly mats, as it does not require constant vacuuming. 

Choosing the Color Families 

Instead of choosing any one- or two-color combinations, it is suggested to look for a mix of colors in the same family. For instance, if you choose orange, then you can mix it with blue, white, cobalt, navy, turquoise, and so on. Orange, tangerines, corals, grapefruits, etc., also work. 

Color-and-Pattern Compromise 

For a less chaotic or calmer effect in any place, it is suggested to tone down the color combinations. You can go with the tones that suit perfectly with the master bedroom, living area, sitting area, and so on. Do not break the color-and-pattern tone and go with the ideas that work around this option. 

Choose the Carpet Tiles 

The demand for the carpeted floor has made it possible for the tile manufacturers to come up with the idea of carpet tiles. These tiles are laid just like the regular tiles and the finishing will be like that of a carpeted floor. Instead of spending extra on the floor tiles and carpeting the floor, you can get the work done in one go. 

Solid floor mats are not the best idea for the entrance doors. Every debris and dirt particle that sticks onto it will be seen and you have to vacuum it after every usage. Hence, go with the floor mats that suit the interior décor of any particular area.