How to buy the right bidet toilet seat?

Are you interested to buy a bidet toilet seat and do not how to go about it? If so let us find out exactly what the bidet toilet seat is and how to go about buying the right one that would meet your specific needs. Before we go any further let us exactly understand what the bidet toilet seat is.

What is the Bidet Toilet Seat?

In simple terms, the bidet seat is a toilet seat with the bidet functionality. It is what sits atop your existing toilet bowl and replaces your current toilet seat. The main function of the bidet seat is to wash the rear of the person seated on it, with a comfortable stream of water instead of the toilet paper. 

How does it function?

Once the button is pressed a nozzle would extend out and spray a jet of water at the rear of the person seated on it. The Water spray cleanses the intimate parts much more effectively compared to the toilet paper. Once the spray is over the nozzle cleans itself and retracts. 

What you would need for installation and the various types of Bidet Seats?

There could be various types of bidet toilet seats that could include the ones meant for the rear wash, the front wash. Some are the heated seats; some also have the warm air dryer and some bidet seats even have the deodorizer for the refreshing scent. 

To have the bidet seats installed you would require certain prerequisites

These include the following:

  1. A Compatible Toilet- You need to realize that not all types of toilets may be compatible with the bidet toilet seats. Before installation, it is important that you find out the ones that would be compatible.
  2. A Water Source- To have the bidet seats your toilet must have a suitable water source preferably the one on the left side.
  3. An Electrical Outlet- For the installation of the Bidet toilet Seats you must also make provision for a suitable electrical outlet. Only then would it be functional.

If you reside in Perth you would find that there are many suppliers when it comes to installation of them. For the smooth functioning, you must choose only the best suppliers of the bidet toilet seat Perth. You must look for the best suppliers of heated toilet seat Australia for installation of them in your toilet.