How to Find a Leak in the Wall

The aesthetics of the contemporary design is an interior in which all the utility system is hidden behind the walls. But there are leakages that often occur in pipelines. The question arises as to how to find a leaky in the wall properly and without damaging the finishing material.

Signs of a Pipe Leak in the Wall

A hidden leak can be identified by a number of indirect signs. If a house is equipped with an autonomous heating system, the leakage can be assumed by dropping the pressure indicator. For this purpose, it is important to take a manometer reading and compare it with the standard value. The first and the most popular sign of a damaged pipe is the sudden drop in pressure. Other signs include:

  • increased water flow and loss without any objective reasons;
  • the water meter records the water flow when all taps are closed;
  • the appearance of condensate on the wall surface;
  • the formation of dampness in the corners, mold

How to Identify a Leaky in the Walls

You can find a leakage by yourself only in that case when the problem becomes large. Wet spots become visible on the walls, and puddles appear on the floor. Testing the utility system with a thermographic camera or moisture scanner let us unravel a leak at an early stage. This allows us to dismiss it in time and avoid major outbursts, accidents, and costly renovation.

The thermal conductivity of a building material depends on its humidity. The high humidity is remotely identified with a wall thickness up to 10 centimeters with the help of a water meter.


If you notice any part of the walls getting wet, you should contact a specialized company that provides services for hidden leaks. Its specialists will help you find even the smallest leaks using high-precision equipment. But make sure you can watch here how to fix a leaky in the wall with your own hands.