How To Fix Different Types Of Defects On Roofs

Below we list some tips on how to repair different types of roofs. So, check it out!

Roof Out Of Square

The idea is to call a building technician such as Rakennusliike Oulu  for example so that he can assess what is happening with your roof. If you try to repair yourself, you could make the problem even worse and incur more damage. 

Zinc Roof

Also known as galvanized tile, the zinc roof is cost-effective and gives the building a more industrial look. It is a more weather-resistant option when properly installed. But it is not the best in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Asbestos Roof

The problem on the asbestos roof may be caused by several causes, such as construction with free spans greater than what is determined by the standard, excessive tightening of the fastening screws, lack of cuts in the corners, or misalignment of the roof. That’s why every manufacturer makes specific recommendations for each type of tile available in stores or on their websites. The solution is to correct the cause of the irregularity and then replace the cracked tiles. 

In some cases, depending on the position of the cracks (if they are in the high waves of the tile), these cracks can be sealed using caulk or aluminized adhesive tapes, which allow for a quick solution, but are not very durable.

Warped Roof

In most buildings, the roof structure is not exposed directly to the sun, rain, and weather in general. Therefore, it is less common for problems to occur. However, no part of the building is 100% protected, and care must be taken. Although it happens infrequently, the most common problem with roof structures occurs when it is made of wood. As it is a natural product, the wood may eventually warp or rot even after applying chemical protection products.  

In the case of wooden structures, it is necessary to assess the degree of failure of the parts. If the problem is identified early on, replacing the defective slats without redoing the entire structure is possible. But when the problem is widespread, almost always the solution is to redo the roof as a whole.

What Precautions Should You Take When Repairing A Roof?

In addition to identifying the problem and looking for the best solution, you should take some precautions when repairing a roof. So, see below what they are:

Avoid repairing roofs on rainy days, as the tiles are slippery, and there is a risk of accidents;

Avoid days with strong winds;

Take care of the electrical wiring of the place and make sure to turn off the general register of the property;

Use ladders securely fastened to the ground to reach the roof;

Use protective equipment such as specific helmets for construction workers;

Don’t step on the tiles. It is important not to walk on the roof. Place a board or a ladder lying down and tied to walk on top if applicable.