How to keep your home Safe from Pest control after heavy rains?

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Karachi received very little rains on an annual basis, however, when it does receive even a single spell of torrential rain the city experiences the worst urban flooding situation. Unfortunately, the inadequate sewerage system and lack of urban planning have left this mega-city jeopardized to face any natural calamity and rain is no different.

Just recently, the few hours of heavy pouring in the city stranded the entire mega-city with streets and homes flooded in rainwater. To make the situation even worse, the sewerage system collapsed utterly, flooding the homes and streets with hazardous sewerage water. This not only causes thousands of thousands of rupees of loss to homeowners but also leave them in dangerously toxic and unhygienic conditions which create the perfect environment for pest infestation at homes. And since it has been a chronic problem of the city for decades, homeowners need to be prepared for such situations.

Below, we have come up with some important steps that can help you to avoid pest infestation at your homes in case of urban flooding due to torrential rains.

–         Take precautionary pest control measures

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to receive an early warning for rainfall from the meteorological centers. Thereby, as soon as you have an alert for heavy rainfall, you should start taking precautionary measures to minimize the chances of pest infestation in case of urban flooding. This should start by identifying any structural issues that may post a threat to the integrity of the building structure in case of heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. Also, if possible hire professional fumigation services in Karachi to choke out any existing infestations. Some reputed termite control services in Karachi also offer home inspection for cracks and seal them with the right material to stop any water inundation in those cracks which subsequently may become infestation hotspots. Also, other potential infestation sites like garbage cans and others should be placed away from the home to avoid any post-rain pest infestation.

–         Drain all standing water

Standing water is the breeding ground for mosquitoes and while the flooding may effectively eliminate any existing mosquito infestation, the leftover standing water inside the home may become an ideal ground for biting pests. Remember, a mere half an inch of water is enough for mosquitoes to breed, and thereby, it is important to ensure immediate and complete drainage of standing water inside and outside of the house to avoid the biting pest infestation.

–         Dispose of spoiled food

Long power outages are common in Karachi, and this frequently results in the spoiling of any leftover food in fridges. The problem becomes even more chronic at times of heavy rainfall when the city experience extended power outages which may be as long as 24 hours or even more. Couple this with the water inundation inside and outside the home, the spoiled food becomes the magnet for flies who loves to breed on rotten food; exposing the entire family to diseases. Apart from flies, rotten food if not disposed of adequately may also attract rodents that are displaced by their breeding holes due to flooding. Thereby, make sure you don’t have any rotten food items at your home before, during, or after the down pouring.

–         Hire professional fumigation services in Karachi

Perhaps the best way to avoid any pest infestation at an event of urban flooding is to hire services of professional termite control services in Karachi before the rains. That’s because an experienced and expert fumigation service provider will inspect all nooks and corners of the home to identify any potential breeding ground and seal them before it gets inundated. Also, by fumigating the entire home before the heavy rain, you greatly minimize the chances of pest infestation post-urban flooding scenario.