How to make moving home stress free

Let’s set the scene… Your local Chadwell Heath estate agents have come up trumps, and you’ve finally found your dream home after weeks of searching – and while you’re excited, you may also notice the stress of packing creeping in. You are fortunate in that you have several options. So let’s take a closer look at some strategies for making moving less stressful.

Removing the stress

  • Removals team – Choosing a removals team may appear simple compared to all the other decisions you’ve had to make, but choosing the right professionals is critical. Your items depend on the company you choose, and it’s vital to do your research to avoid damage to items or property or paying more than you expected. Examine previous customer reviews, confirm what your removals quote includes, and ask if the company is willing to do a valuation – this means someone will come to your home to assess how much stuff you have and ensure you have the right sized van and team members on the day of your move.
  • Organisation – If you want to make moving less stressful, organisation is essential. This applies to every aspect of your move, from sorting and labelling boxes to making them easier to unpack to keeping all the documents you might need in one, easily accessible location. If you prioritise organisation from the start, you’ll have fewer headaches and a more manageable overall move.
  • Colour coding – There is nothing more aggravating than accidentally throwing away belongings during a move. You would be surprised how frequently this occurs. Keep your trash separate from your valuables, and use different coloured bin bags to distinguish between what is valuable and what is trash.
  • Create a list – When it comes to time management and getting things done, to-do lists are more than half the battle, and they also work when it comes to moving. Moving entails many steps besides simply packing your belongings. So carry a notebook with you at all times and list everything you need to do before moving day. Then, whenever something else comes to mind, please write it down immediately. Then, tackle a couple of daily tasks to make it less overwhelming than if you have 30 things to do a week before moving.
  • Declutter – Before you begin packing, you should go through all of your belongings and declutter. Decide which items you want to sell, donate, throw away, or store in self-storage, as this will make packing more manageable and save you time and money.

And… relax

Whatever your circumstances, moving to a new house can be stressful if you don’t plan ahead of time. Use our suggestions as a checklist to ensure that you have everything prepared for your move – and, more importantly, to help reduce any moving house stress.