How to read the candle flame in UMBANDA rituals

Candles symbolize the light, spirit and warmth of life. Candle fire represents the great source of energy that transforms and invigorates all matter in the universe. When we light a candle, we are activating an energy that connects us to the spiritual plane, stimulating our soul and sending our prayers to the deities. The UMBANDA uses the mystical power of the candles in their rituals and works as a way to strengthen the bond with the spiritual world. The candle flame gives us messages and signals that can be interpreted.

How to read the candle flame in UMBANDA rituals

The candles are able to convey the messages and signals through the color of the flame and the way it burns.

  • Intense yellow flame:  indicates that happiness is near you
  • Intense red flame: indicates that the order you made will be fulfilled
  • Light blue flame: indicates that your request will undergo some changes
  • Very bright flame: shows that your request is being heard at that moment
  • Bright candlewick: It is a strong indication of success and luck in your life

The way the candle burns

If the candle flame has no strength, is small, flickering and weak, it means that your request needs to be reinforced. If your flame is not weak, that is, it does not fluctuate, but it is very low, it means that your order will be carried out. If your candle flame flickers a lot (without the input of winds), it means that there must be a transformation in your life. Flame that goes out for no reason is a sign that your angel will do his part to help you. Candle that burns out completely, without needing to be relighting, is a good sign. Crying candle means that your order is very difficult to fulfill.

Candle that gives off small sparks is when your angel wants to warn you that soon you will suffer a disappointment. Flame that waxes and wanes means that you need to focus on one request. A wick that splits in two indicates that your request was made in a moment of doubt. When several candles are lit and all are with a strong and bright flame, it means that your request has been blessed and will have priority in being carried out.

Why light the 7-day candle

In UMBANDA, the use of candles represents the connection with the spiritual world and communication with the oracles. The purpose of lighting 7 days candles symbolize the strengthening of the spiritual connection, keeping the flame burning, in a more lasting way, intensifying the intention, devotion and the search for spiritual protection.

When the candle dedicated to the request is finished, light another one in thanks to the Guardian Angel or the Divine. As it is a spiritual symbol, some precautions are taken to maintain the purity, harmony, mystique and elevation of the practice or ritual. Light candles with matches, not lighters. Light the candles in place above your head height. Do not blow out the candle to extinguish it. Directing the intention to the Divine Source is important to acquire strength and achieve peace.