Important Tips For Choosing Electric Water Heater

Going to buy an electric heater and don’t even know where to start? Calm down, we’ll help you! There are many details that you have to pay attention to when choosing an electric heater. And they all involve technical matters, of which you don’t understand anything and would rather not have to understand! So you need to select All Water Products service for choose the best water heater.

So, we put together this very practical guide summarizing everything you will need to check to find the ideal model. Keep reading to learn more about:

When to choose gas heater?

The shower is the electric model, which heats the water that passes through the shower itself. The shower does not have a heating system. It only spreads water that is already hot from another system. Those who opt for gas heating spend more on the construction site, but when the construction is finished, the electric shower ends up costing more, because it is the item that consumes the most electricity in the house.

Heater capacity

The main difference between heaters is the volume of water they are able to heat. You can find this information in some stores in the number of showers he can handle, but this is a bit relative. Because of the flow of showers and taps you have or will have. This may sound silly, but the flow of a shower can vary widely. So to be sure of the right flow rate for the heater, the best way is to check the flow rate of each shower or tap that it will supply . Then just add to get to the heater flow.

Minimum flow

It is not just the maximum flow that matters. Some models have a minimum operating flow. If you intend to heat taps with your heater, check this information in the product specifications (if not found on the store’s website, look on the manufacturer’s website). You can compare the minimum flow of it with the flow of your taps.

That is, if the flow of the tap is less than the minimum of the heater, it will only be heated when another tap or shower is opened at the same time. So that this does not happen, choose a model without minimum pressure, or that informs in the specifications that it can meet the tap.


There are many brands in the market. It varies a lot from the experience of each one, and even between different models of the same brand. By defining each of the specifications you’ve seen so far, you will already arrive at a smaller selection of models that suit you. Compare the prices between the brands of these models, and then do a Google search with the chosen model looking for complaints or tests. Or else, if you want to choose Point of Use Water Heater, talk to the professionals and choose the best one.

Also check the specifications of your model: the voltage, dimensions and diameter of the water inlet connection. Make sure everything is in line with what you have already prepared, or consider this information if you are still going to leave the points for him.