Innovative Technology of Kaltra Microchannel Condenser

The unique channel layout of Kaltra microchannel condenser expands the boundaries of existing technologies. Kaltra microchannel condensers exhibit increased efficiency while minimizing resource costs, as well as increased heat transfer. Thus, you are getting closer to the desired goal – the wise use of resources.

Kaltra microchannel condensers provide excellent possibilities for the implementation of various design solutions. By simply changing the number, size, and location of the channels on the corrugated plate, these microchannel condensers can be modified so that they have the highest heat transfer rates and the lowest pressure drops for any application. The first models that Kaltra is offering on the market are the H series. Other models are also being developed.

Kaltra microchannel condensers are much more compact than shell and tube heat exchangers and more reliable than brazed plate heat exchangers (there are no seals that can fail). They are capable of operating at higher temperatures and pressures.

Kaltra offers a series of different microchannel condensers designed for heat pumps, water chillers, and many other applications. Kaltra is always happy to help you choose the right model or change the design of the corrugated plate in order to achieve optimal performance of your equipment.

Less refrigerant used, improved heat transfer, more economical use of materials, controlled pressure drops – all this makes the new Kaltra technology an excellent choice for those looking for increased performance of microchannel condenser while respecting the environment. Because Kaltra microchannel condensers are based on the tried and tested brazed plate technology, they are truly reliable, economical, and efficient. Kaltra microchannel condenser differs from brazed plate heat exchangers in a specific arrangement of channels in the plates, which gives improved heat transfer and makes the design more flexible to find optimal solutions in various applications.