Lawn Mowing Guide For Beginners

If you own a lawn, you need to maintain it to look good and keep it healthy. But unfortunately, many of you lack the basic knowledge and expertise of lawn care.

If you just a beginner, we are here to help you. In this post, we will provide basic knowledge of lawn maintenance. You can also take the help of a lawn care company if you have less time to maintain your lawn. This would be a wise thing to do as they are experts in this field. They know all types of lawns.

What’s the best time to mow your lawn?

Most of you would mow your lawn when you have the time for it. But that’s not how it works. You should consider your neighbours or any elderly person or children living next door.

Besides that mowing grass at certain hours of the day can damage it. This is why you need to find the best time to mow your lawn. Mid-morning around 8 to 10 am seems like the perfect time to get the work done. By this time everyone should be awake and the dews on grass blades should be gone.

How often to mow your lawn?

This is largely based on your location and the current season. The frequency of mowing may vary from season to season.

During the summer months, you should mow the grass twice a month. Whereas in the autumn time, one time in a month is enough. But you should pay special attention to the first spring mowing. The time for mowing can be affected due to rainfalls and other weather changes.

Mowing a New Lawn

For those who have a new lawn, they need to pay special attention to it. Before you start mowing, you need to let the grass grow properly. The ideal length for lawn grass is 5 to 6 cm. You should mow the grass as soon as it exceeds the required length.

These are some basic lawn mowing tips to follow. If you need more help, you should call for a lawn maintenance company. They have adequate knowledge and expertise in this field.