Living In Portland, OR? – Here Are 5 Fun Things To Do In Fall

Come fall, there is nowhere more beautiful to spend the idyllic autumn months than Portland, Oregon. Surround yourself and your family and friends with fun events, centered around the autumn theme. From fun gateways to aesthetically pleasing destinations to spend your afternoon, Portland has plenty of hidden gems. Continue reading to discover the fun things to do in Portland during the fall.

  1. Tour Ole Bolle “The Troll”

The Northwest Troll: Way of the Bird King are giant, hand-built trolls by globally recognized Danish environmental artist Thomas Rambo. You will find 6 huge hand-built Nordic troll characters built out of recycled materials in 6 locations throughout the Puget Sound region.

While there are 100 sculptures worldwide, Ole Bolle “The Troll” is the first sculpture in the Pacific Northwest. Take the entire family to visit these enormous trolls that narrate a story about preserving the environment and respecting green areas.

  1. The Farms and Markets

There is no better way to spend a gorgeous fall day than a visit to the country. Many farms in Tualatin Valley provide hands-on activities and are rich in U-Pick Farms, each month providing visitors with new agricultural delights.

Apple season begins in late fall, when dozens of apple varieties are available for harvesting, sampling, and even processed into cider on-site. October is all about the pumpkin patches. The easiest way to locate U-Pick Farms is to attend the local events.

In November, you can visit the Portland Farmers Market, which is brimming with farm-fresh fruits, veggies, and plants. Nonetheless, there is more to the market than just food. The Farmers Market hosts live music, chef demos, and kid-friendly activities.

  1. Hike Amid the Fall Foliage

Hiking in the cool autumn air with surrounding colorful trees is the most fulfilling experience. While hiking is a great method to exercise, spending time in nature can also have a positive emotional and mental health impact.

There are numerous trails in and around Portland to explore, such as Spring Water Trail, Wildwood Trail, Dry Creek Falls, and more. Consult Portland OR real estate experts Wings NW Real Estate on other great hiking trails.

  1. Enjoy Farm-to-Table Dinners

What better way to enjoy a locally grown meal than to gather around a big table with your family and plenty of food grown just a short distance away? Portland’s restaurants capitalize on the area’s many farms, vineyards, and orchards, with many of these restaurants hosting farm-to-table dinners.

Plate & Pitchfork is an autumn event that offers 4- or 5-course meals packed with local berries, wines, cheeses, and the satisfaction of supporting worthy causes. This restaurant is affiliated with philanthropic foundations dedicated to ending hunger and creating healthy, sustainable food systems.

  1. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Strolling through a corn maze with your family and friends is a nice way to spend a day during the fall. The many themed scavenger hunts to navigate the maze are available at The Maize at The Pumpkin Patch on Suavie Island.

On Friday and Saturday nights in October, the Bella Organic Corn Maze hosts a haunted corn maze where kids under 5 years are not allowed because the maze is not suitable for younger children.

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