Look For the Decks You Would Choose As the Best

There are many types of decking and many types of materials. It is therefore not easy to choose the right deck. The main materials used in the construction of a deck are wood, stone, concrete, tiles and pavers (brick, concrete, and stone). The deck is the heart of your garden, and the link between your house and your garden. Masons takes you on a tour of the different decks that exist. A visit to https://decksforlife.ca/ is the right option there.

The Wooden Deck

Certain types of wood are naturally suitable for outdoor floors, for example softwoods such as pine and fir. Indeed, they undergo an autoclave treatment which protects them from biological attacks such as insects and fungi, and an additional class 3 or 4 treatment is recommended. These types of wood are economical, but in order to prolong their lifespan, Masons recommends that you stain them. You should know that exotic woods are naturally rot-proof and weather-resistant, and also feature warm colors and an oiled appearance. Graying over time, the wood may require certain treatments that can delay this phenomenon or revive the original color.

The Tiled Deck

Whether modern or old, natural or dark, the tiles adopt all styles and adapt to all budgets. The trend is for large tiles and rectangular formats. But there are obviously different sizes and different finishes, imitating wood or slate. Being fired at high temperature, porcelain stoneware is frost resistant and its color is unalterable. It is the coating that requires the least maintenance. Before deciding to choose your outdoor tiles, certain criteria must be taken into account such as resistance to wear (this concerns enameled tiles), to scratches and level of adhesion to avoid falls.

The Stone Deck

Stone decks are known to be real charming decks and perfectly in tune with your environment. Whether in natural stone, bluestone, slate or limestone, it creates a unique floor that acquires a patina over time. It is advisable to apply a waterproofing treatment to protect it from stains. Moreover the stone is very resistant to shocks and bad weather. In terms of achieving savings, reconstituted stone is a perfect alternative to stone, and has the same qualities of durability and resistance.

Professionals draws your attention to colors that are too light for the exterior, because indeed whether it is tiles, stone or concrete, the effects of dirt will be much more visible. Indeed, be aware that most materials for decks are easily cleaned once or twice a year with a broom or with water.

How to Properly Design Your Garden Deck?

When summer arrives, the presence of a deck is very often very appreciated, whether for sunbathing or for eating with friends. If you are thinking about the possibility of doing work, know that the realization of a deck involves a few simple steps that must be thought through.

Ask Yourself about Your Needs

It may seem obvious, but first of all know what you plan to use your deck for. Indeed, there are several points to take into account, such as its orientation to the sun, its brightness, or its access during the meal. Do you prefer your deck to be covered or outdoors? Are you planning to use a barbecue or create a real summer kitchen? There are so many questions that will determine your choices.