New Kitchen Aftercare Advice

After you’ve dedicated a portion of your time and hard-earned money towards getting the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll want that dreamy new kitchen feeling to last for as long as possible. Choosing a high quality kitchen from reputable experts like kitchens Colwyn Bay is the first step towards ensuring that your kitchen will stand up to the pressures of everyday life and wear-and-tear; but there are a few additional recommended steps from professionals like kitchen fitters Colwyn Bay that you can take to keep your kitchen in pristine condition for longer. 

A Lighter Touch

There’s nothing quite like the frustration of having a kitchen drawer that just won’t close properly – but a simple solution is to dust your drawer runners frequently to help prevent clogged dirt building up. This can stop your drawers from closing smoothly. Similarly, try to avoid slamming doors to keep hinges in good working order for longer. A different solution is to opt for cabinets with a soft-close mechanism if you live with children or teens who like to shut doors with a bit too much gusto!

Cabinet Care

Since your kitchen cabinets are a prominent part of your brand new kitchen, the way that they look with have a massive impact on the overall feel of the room, so it’s worth taking the extra time to keep them in top condition. For gloss and matt cabinets, it’s best to regularly clean cabinet exteriors with a mild solution of kitchen detergent diluted in water, and then dry immediately afterwards to prevent staining and warping. In the unfortunate case of accidental scratches and scrapes; there are some products on the market that can easily cover and chips and cracks to restore the smooth finish of your cabinets. 

Sparkle & Shine

If you live in a hard water area, the build-up of limescale around your sink can result in it looking stained, this can happen easily if it comes into contact with strong-coloured food and drink leftovers such as red wine, or tomato sauces. Naturally occurring acids like lemon juice are a great way to combat this common issue – this will get the sparkling sheen back to your sink in no time at all. 

Technology Malfunctions

Often, the cause of appliance failures lies with improper use of the technology, like overloading the washing machine or the accidental blocking of microwave vents. Take the time to read any instruction manuals, this might be a little tedious but it’s well worth it to avoid the stress of repairs in the long run.

Regular cleaning and maintenance is also crucial for extending the life of your appliances; and it’ll save you from forking out for replacement parts. For example, pay attention to removing lint from the tumble dryer after each cycle, since a build-up can pose a serious fire hazard. 

Splashes & Spills

As we all know, accidents can happen at any time, and at any given place – there isn’t an exception for new kitchens! Kitchen worktops are designed to withstand minor spills and splashes, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s always best to wipe up liquids as quickly as possible to prevent them from soaking in and leaving unwelcome stains on your new worktops. More porous worktop materials will need some extra TLC to make sure that they remain waterproof – from oiling wooden worktops a few times a year to re-sealing granite worktops once every five or so years.