Opening the door to your heart 

Doors can be made from a variety of materials. Let’s look into some of the basics:

Fiberglass doors: This is an extremely popular choice for home entrance. They are reasonably priced, strong, sturdy, efficient, durable and come in a large range of finish and styles like embossed grain patterns that imitate the prepossessing appearance of wood. Also, it won’t decay or expand in changing climates like wood. Fiberglass doors come in a surfeit of designs, encompassing both comfort and elegance. It has insulation properties which come in handy during summer and winter for trapping hot or cool air. Owing to the fact that they are sturdy, they can resist scratches or dents that may prop up from environment conditions or heavy traffic. 

Metal doors: Metal is synonymous with strength. This implies that the door will undoubtedly be strong, sturdy and conveniently affordable as well. A lot of these metal doors are equipped with an insulating foam core that is shielded by a robust sheet of steel. They can be painted in a wide range of shades, suiting your preference. Metal doors are a great security feature. Safe rooms in houses are made with steel doors and understandably so. It has all the advantages of fiberglass doors and much more. They stand stubbornly and refuse to budge, making it a widespread choice for people on the lookout for maximum security. This will surely safeguard inmates from inclement weather conditions like an incoming storm or a dangerous prowler. Similar to fiberglass doors, they come with core insulation to protect you from adverse fluctuation in temperature. They are available in all kinds of hues and shades. There’s a little something for everyone out there. 

Wood doors: Wooden doors are redolent of a time gone by. It adds just the right amount of pizzazz to your décor. They are luxurious, regal and come in a large variety of finishes, styles, and designs to suit the needs of different houses. Wooden doors are almost every home owner’s guilty pleasure. They are exceptionally beautiful and have an unmatched appeal. In addition to aesthetics, wooden doors are also very sturdy. On the downside, they are outrageously expensive. Wood alone is an expensive material; so that along with the installation and maintenance costs makes it a pricey affair. It will require regular painting to protect it from decay.

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