Plumbing and Electrical Issues to Address Before Selling Your Space

Once you decide to move to a new space, the next step to ensure a smooth sale is to address and fix any electrical and plumbing issues that you may have. The new owner would not want to move if an inspection comes back with a laundry list of issues, so here are some plumbing and electrical issues that you need to address before you list your location for sale.

  1. Faulty Wiring

Electrical problems are a huge concern especially since they can cause a fire. Lots of fires start from faulty electrical wirings. If you see scorch marks around your outlets or you frequently smell burning rubber, then there is definitely a wiring problem. Fixing faulty wirings might include replacing wire nuts, repairing junction boxes, fixing frayed wiring, or replacing faulty outlets. If the problems are bad enough, you might actually have to rewire the whole place.

When doing a search for all the faulty wirings in your house, make sure that you conduct a thorough inspection of all the areas in your house, starting from your attic going down through the attic access doors, down to your basement.

  1. Problematic Pipes

Pipes can be made out of several different types of materials. Before selling your building, always figure out what your pipes are made up of. Also, always replace lead pipes as soon as you find them. If your place is old, you should consider having your pipes professionally inspected before you try to sell.

  1. Poor Grading and Drainage

Grading and drainage refer to how water (i.e. rain or melting snow) is directed away from your home. These include rain gutters, downspouts, and how your lawn slightly slopes to direct water flow toward gutters. Clogged rain gutters and downspouts can be a problem for the new owner if you will not address the same. No one will want to buy your building if it tends to get flooded during rainy days.

  1. Poor Ventilation

If a home inspector determines that your building has poor ventilation, you will definitely have a hard time selling your building. It is probably one of the things that a prospective buyer will first check off their checklist. No one wants to deal with an oven-like place during summers or a refrigerator during winter.

  1. Non-functional Light Switches and Sockets

A switch that fails to turn on or off can be annoying in the same way that dead outlets are. Although they are not necessarily signs of bigger electrical problems, you still have to make sure that your light switches and sockets are all working before you put up your building for sale. The good news is that these can be easily fixed.

By taking care of the abovementioned issues, you won’t need to worry about having a bad building inspection negotiation with your buyer and your place will surely be off the market as quickly as you might think.

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