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Pool Trends To Look Forward to in 2020

It’s 2020, and a lot of things have changed. With changes in the indoor and outdoor living, you must get in touch with professionals. If you have a backyard, it is necessary that you choose the trends carefully. These new trends can prove to be extremely exciting. Well, a lot of changes have continued to be popular and have been existing for a long time. 

So, some of the prominent trends to look forward to in 2020 include the following.

Sunken outdoor kitchen

Sunken outdoor kitchens may seem old-fashioned, but it has made its way back in 2020 as well. It is one of the most prominent styles developed back in the 1950s and 1960s. Being one of the most efficient luxury home trends, you need to ensure that you have enough money to implement it. 

The sunken outdoor kitchen suits the best with an in-ground pool. Apart from grills and sinks, many homeowners are also moving towards including mini-fridge too. This can thus be one great place for holding family gatherings. 

Acrylic walls

If you want a luxurious swimming pool, acrylic walls are the right choice to make. The experts at Piscine de Mone Sur Mesure can play an important role in building the acrylic walls for your pools. However, these are very high maintenance and need to be taken into consideration thoroughly. The acrylic walls around the pool can play an essential role in enhancing the light and create a better impact around the infinity edge. 

Infinity edge pools

With proceeding time, the infinity edge pools have proven to be a real thing. Although these weren’t really popular in the residential areas, this is surely very much relevant in today’s time. This allows the homeowners to bring any required changes to the pool. Although infinity pools can be built anywhere, you need to ensure that you have a natural background view for the complete feel. Infinity walls can make your space elegant and stunning, which is why most of the homeowners are opting for it. 

Artificial turf

Over the years, artificial turfs have found its place in popular pool decoration items. These artificial turfs can be seen around different places such as schools, parks, offices, and more. The artificial turfs tend to be more natural and soft than the plastic covers. 

Also, a lot of turfs can make the space appear concrete or solid. It is for this reason that many people are choosing it. There are several textures for the turfs, so you may prefer choosing one accordingly.