Practical Options to Make Use of the Indoor Wicker Furniture

Wicker is making a strong comeback in decoration. For several years now, it has been found among the latest decoration trends, both in flea markets and in decoration stores. It becomes design and blends with different styles. The warm and trendy appearance of this natural element is very attractive.

The History of Wicker In Decoration

The wicker is a long exploited material. Its use dates back to Antiquity. Highly appreciated for its rustic appearance, it reached its peak in the 1970s. Generally, it comes from an Asian or tropical wood species, like the palm tree. Originally, it was mainly used as outdoor furniture, especially for the garden furniture. Subsequently, it integrates with class into the interior of houses by combining as well with the ethnic style, as with the retro style or with a vintage style. Choosing the Indoor Wicker Furniture is important here.

Wicker Furniture and Accessories

Today, wicker is very popular with decorators. This decorative wood is an essential material, which brings an exquisite softness to the interior of the house. The easiest way to use it is furniture. This wood makes it possible to create authentic furniture. Wicker dresses in a simple way, but with subtlety. Wicker furniture on its own can make for a work of art worthy of magazine photos. Among all the wicker furniture, the famous armchairs are still popular. With a brightly colored linen seat, it represents an incomparable decorative option in a room. To give it more charm, it is advisable to combine it with cushion covers with geometric or Aztec patterns for the decoration of the living room. Thus, wicker escapes the cliché of kitsch and old-fashioned furniture. Combined with indoor plants, it can also revamp the living space into a cozy place.

Wicker Armchair

Besides the chair, there are other ways to use it:

The table lamp: Wicker is not limited to furniture. The designers go above and beyond by creating accessories that are as innovative as they are original. To brighten up the bedroom, install a wicker lamp on the bedside table. Simple and elegant, it suits the minimalist style perfectly . It polishes the decor by bringing a touch of subdued and discreet luminosity, which can be combined with discreet candle holders.

The hanging planter: Wicker adapts wonderfully in a natural atmosphere. Its neutral color harmonizes with the green of the plants. Note that green plants are trendy in interior decoration. Hanging planters are original, especially when they are made of wicker. They welcome wild flowers, aromatic herbs and drooping plants. In addition to decorating, they bring freshness and a pleasant sent to the interior of the house.

Wicker Hanging Planter

The small side table: this type of furniture is very practical for storage. Discreet and charming, it accommodates office accessories such as papers and pens. Next to the bed, the wicker side table serves as a storage cabinet for chargers, headphones, and the book for night reading.

Wicker Side Table

The lantern: For more authenticity, prefer woven wicker. It emphasizes the natural side of the material. To create a bohemian atmosphere, there is nothing better than wicker lanterns, embellished with some bamboo accessories. With a candle or a bulb placed in the center, the room lights up in a sublime way, bringing a touch of poetry to the decor. This decorative light is one of the accessories that make all the difference for the decoration of the house. It can also be adapted to cane lighting to obtain a designer living room.