Prevent Your House from Catching Fire with These Preventive Steps


Do you know that a single accidental spark can ignite a full-fledged fire and burn down your house in seconds? This could also endanger your or someone else’s life on the property. Let’s say you succeed in putting out the fire, and no lives are lost, but what about the thousands and lakhs of damage already done?

Sure, you might get lucky if you have fire insurance on your home, but how about taking safety precautions to save your home from setting fire in the first place? Well, today, the blog outlines the most common yet never thought of ways your house can blow up and precautionary steps to escape the hazard.

Household Fire Origins and Preventative Measures

This can come as a surprise to you, but your home is full of combustible products and appliances. These products are the leading cause of household fires and have proven to be a disaster if not well maintained.

We sometimes make the mistake of using faulty equipment under the naive presumption that it will perform for the time being, and such carelessness results in tragedy. As a result, get your flawed furnace repaired, service your ac on schedule, monitor your refrigerators frequently, and so on. Many insignificant items, such as candles and cigarettes, fall into the explosive category. Let’s take a look at what we can do by keeping each cause in mind.

1. Heating Appliances

Heaters, condensing heaters, heat spreader, hot water storage tank, fan heaters, geysers, electric iron, furnaces, stoves, oil burner, radiators, space heaters, solar water heater, immersion rods, wood-burning stove, and other heating devices may catch fire if they are kept near furniture, clothing, curtains, or other fire-retardant items. It is therefore advised to keep heating equipment at least one meter away from certain things. In addition, get them checked for safety criteria once a year.

2. Smoking

Fires, especially in bedrooms and living rooms, account for a sizable proportion of house casualties. These are all the areas where people usually smoke. A cigarette that has not been properly discarded catches fire when it makes contact with flammable objects such as furniture. Therefore, quit smoking at home or, the next time you smoke, make sure the cigarette is fully put out.

3. Candles

You would love those aromatic candles for having dinner with your loved ones. But these candles can burn down your house if left unsupervised. If a lit candle comes in contact with fabric, books, furniture, and other objects at your house, it can quickly become a full-fledged fire. As a result, lit candles at a safe distance from explosives and blow them out before you leave the area.

4. Children

Children, being innocent, are eager to learn everything, including what happens if anything is fired. Also, at times, they might accidentally light something up and might not realize until your house catches fire. It is recommended that you teach them about the fire hazards in a language they understand and also keep match sticks, lighters, and other similar items out of their sight. Install a smoke detector in their room as well.

5. Defective wiring

There is a possibility of a fire starting in homes with defective wiring. Call a certified electrician to examine your home and resolve faulty wiring as soon as possible. Flickering lights, the need to turn off one gadget for another to operate, fuse glitches, odd sounds from switch turned on or off, and other signs indicate damaged wires, and you must act quickly to fix them.

6. Cooking

Well, unattended containers on burners get overheated, they catch fire. Keep an eye on gas cylinders or gas lines and act quickly when you detect any gas leakage. It is strongly advised that you remain focused while cooking and avoid getting distracted. In an emergency, ask someone to look at it or turn it off and cook later.

7. Electrical equipment

Electrical malfunction is a common reason for residential fires. To avoid a fire:

  • Stop using faulty equipment, such as a microwave with a split wire or overburdening power outlets with double adaptors.
  • Make proper use of extension boards and monitor the power points.
  • Avoid delaying the repair of machinery that requires urgent attention.

Install fire alarm system installation saco me and smoke detectors, spend on fire extinguishers and fire blankets just in case things spiral out of hand. Act immediately if you see something odd or a strong alert sign. Don’t use damaged appliances when you know you need new ones to save a few bucks and end up losing lakhs later on. After all, the only thing that matters is that you do everything in your power to protect yourself and your families from future loss; the rest is up to destiny.

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