Remodeling the Bathroom: Is a Floating Vanity the Right Choice?

Remodeling a bathroom is not a simple task. It is very easy to get confused due to a lot of available options. Making the right choice can be tough when there is a lot of design option available for bathroom remodeling. While on your way to remodeling, improving the aesthetics of your bathroom should not come in the way of your primary goal which is to increase space in your bathroom.

For the same, floating bathroom vanity is something you should consider for yourself. It is a modern and minimalist design that makes your bathroom look bigger and brighter than ever before.

What is Floating Bathroom Vanity?

Minimalist designs are the modern trend and floating bathroom vanity is the result of it. The Floating vanity is a bathroom cabinet anchored to the wall but does not extend to the floor, which makes it seems to float mid-air. Floating Bathroom Vanity is loved by many people because of the modern and clean look it gives to your bathroom.

Here are a few reasons why remodeling your bathroom with floating vanity can be the smart move.

Makes You Bathroom Look Bigger

The floating vanity does not extend to the floor that makes the bathroom look bigger and airier.  After installing the floating bathroom vanity, you will be surprised to see how big your bathroom looks.

Easy to Clean

Bathroom cleaning is the most frustrating task. Installing the bathroom floor vanity makes it easy to clean the bathroom floors as you can run the mop on the floor easily.

Extra Storage

Lack of storage is the problem that many people have concern for, if you are looking to maximize every square inch of your bathroom then floating bathroom vanity is something that you should go for. You can store the item in the vanity cabinet also beneath it as the floating bathroom vanity it floats in the midair you will be surprised to see how much room you get beneath it for storage. You can use the extra storage space beneath the cabinet to store different items such as towels, toiletries, and toilet paper.

Option for Customization

You get a lot of design options in floating bathroom vanity. There are many options available for floating vanity of they come in different sizes and height and you need to choose the size that can fit your bathroom. When customizing your bathroom, you need to make sure you the design you are going with suits the size of your bathroom.