Rental Applications: What to Look for When Renting and How to Get Your Application Approved

The residential rental Property Management Perth market has recorded a vacancy rate of below 1% over the last 3 months. Although it is a highly competitive market presently in Perth, what are some considerations one should consider when looking for a home to rent?

  • Schools 

For families, schooling is evidently one of the top factors to consider – both public as well as private schools in the vicinity. Primary and secondary school boundaries are important points of reference and they may change over time so it pays to double check.

  • Internet

Needless to say, with remote working being a common workplace trend, the availability of high-speed internet is essential. It also helps when one is on a Netflix binge!

  • Public amenities

Exercising and outdoor living is a vital part of the lives of Western Australians. Keeping fit and healthy are valued by singles, couples and families alike. Consider the parks and fitness facilities available as they are very popular with today’s millennial generation. Public transport access as well as local shopping centres, post offices and libraries are other factors which come into play.

  • Heating and cooling systems

Consider eco-friendly and energy saving appliances as there are days in Perth when it can become rather cold in winters as well as hot in summers. Ceiling fans are an added plus and are coming back in style.

  • Home flooring

Although carpets are quite common in most homes, hard flooring such as engineered timber and tiles are quickly trending with the myriad of beautiful designs available today. It is also hygienic, easy to clean and less likely to damage in the long run.

  • Storage Space Availability

Never under-estimated how much we accumulate with each move. Having adequate storage space will certainly help the home look clean and organised and makes daily living much more comfortable.

  • Low maintenance outdoors

The outdoor lifestyle in Western Australia stems from our beautiful year-long weather and the appreciation of how there are seasonal changes to enjoy. That is even more why one should look for low maintenance outdoor entertainment areas and gardens that are easy to maintain. With more FIFO (Fly-In-Fly-Out) workers flowing into the city, having a lock-and-leave solution is highly valued.

  • Workspace

It is important that the home you move into has facilities that support work-from-home workspaces so that you can continue to be productive while working remotely.


Once you have decided on the suburb and home of your choice, here are some tips to ensure that your application is top on the list when it comes to tenancy application. What are some things that will help?

  • Fully complete the application. 

You will be surprised at how many tenancy applications are not fully completed! It is important to include rental history, payslips, photo identification and references.

  • Current property maintenance.

It pays to upkeep your current property well as at times Property Managers do drive past to check on how this is maintained. 

  • Be presentable at the property inspection and ask reasonable questions. 

First impressions are important.

  • Contact your references.

Let them know they will be receiving a call from an agent and if they could return the call as soon as possible, that will ensure that the processing of application will not delayed by waiting for references.

With almost 70 years in the real estate market, we hope that these tips from our experience in Perth property management will help you land the home that you desire and that you will enjoy your little space in our beautiful city.