Signs You Need to Find the Best Pest Control Services in Singapore


Living in Singapore may have its perks. One is that Singaporeans live in a tropical country where the weather is mild year-round this may also bring downsides. We might find it comfortable to live in the country, but more pest species live in hotter areas where the cold cannot kill them. The result of this tradeoff is a constant battle between pests and people. Pest control services in Singapore are your only lifeline if you have serious pest problems.

Many homeowners think bug spray and mousetraps around their homes are enough to keep pests away. But some pests are notoriously difficult to eliminate. They may burrow into the building’s structure, stay in hard-to-reach areas, or come out only when no one is at home. For example, an ordinary DIY pest project will not help when you are faced with termites weakening your building’s foundation.

Good thing you can count on professionals to help you strike back. A pest control company will have trained professionals ready to handle the daunting task of eliminating pests. They have the knowledge and experience necessary for your specific issue. Pest controllers will also have pest control tools and equipment you cannot usually access. Because of the dangerous nature of their services, the government also requires them to undergo training and obtain pest control licenses.

You can find many companies that provide the services you need. But do not gravitate toward the cheapest pest control in Singapore without the repercussions. You might encounter a tradeoff between price and quality of service. Stick to ones with good reviews and many recommendations from past clients.

Watch out for the warning signs


Most of us do not notice a pest infestation until it is too late. If you see a rat dart across your kitchen counter, that might mean there are more of them in the house. When ants start swarming your dinner table, you might have an infestation by then.

Help yourselves if it gets worse. Notice the signs of a possible pest infestation and do not ignore them. Your problem will only get worse as they grow in number. you might catch the problem before it becomes too large to handle by regularly inspecting your home. Watch out for these warning signs before it is too late.

1) You find a lot of droppings wherever you go

Whatever creature finds its way into your home, they will leave behind a lot of evidence that tells you of their existence. Their faeces, urine, and other fluids are indicators that you have pests. Take a moment to pull back your curtains or examine cramped areas you do not normally check. If all you see is a little dust, maybe there is no infestation. But if you see tiny pieces of droppings or inexplicable wet areas, you might want to call pest control services in Singapore.

2) You spot areas with obvious property damage

One of the reasons why people dislike pests is because of their propensity to damage items in their interiors. For example, rats can chew through the electric wires, leading to outages and dangerous fires. Termites can chew through paper and wood, weakening furniture or destroying priceless books on your shelves. Act immediately if you start to see damage to your walls, furniture, and other assets.

3) You find dark trails or spots in specific areas

Some rodents love to use the same paths and trails throughout their stay in your home. Over time, this may lead to a layer of grease forming over the areas they frequent. They may also use urine to mark the trails, so other members of their species can use it. Check out-of-reach areas again and see if you can spot dark trails or spots of grease.

4) Your allergies get triggered easily

This warning sign applies to people allergic to pests and the droppings or other excrements they leave behind. It might become dangerous if you cannot breathe in your own home or office. Reach out to residential or commercial pest control services immediately before your health (or others’ health) worsens from the pest problem.

5) You can find small openings in your homes or rooms.

Check the walls, corners, and even ceilings in your house where a pest can get into. They tend to dig into structures or chip away at walls and other places to create holes big enough to escape to. If your interiors house burrowing animals, expect much damage to your interiors as they attempt to create safe passageways.

6) You see blood spots on your mattresses

Let us move on to another pest type. Do not forget to check out your bed. You must perform this action if you cannot sleep at night due to itchiness or slight pain. Check each linen carefully for dried blood spots. Bedbugs cause these dried blood spots because they love burrowing into mattresses and other soft bedding. If you see them, call pest control services in Singapore. Bedbugs are not only a nuisance but may pose health risks too.

7) You find evidence of their nests

A lot of pest species are social or eusocial animals. Social animals exhibit many common behaviours, such as nesting. The size, shape, and colour of these nests may differ– for example, rats will build nests out of anything they can find, such as shredded pieces of paper. On the other hand, wasps and bees may create their nests (hives) by burrowing into the ground. If you spot a nest, do not touch it! Simply wait for your pest control company’s advice and services.

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