Stone Grout Color Sealer – pFOkUS

Grout added between tiles makes your flooring neat and beautiful. It is not only decorative but also protective. Grout is a mixture of sand and cement which is filled in the void between two tiles to join them. But this grout tends to come off after some time if not sealed properly. It also gets stained and discolored in some places due to rough use. A good stone grout color sealer, when applied on the surface after deep cleaning, can preserve the beauty of your grout and also match it to your desired shade preference.

pFOkUS has come up with a high-grade grout sealant named Caponi. Our colored grout sealer protects the grout and prevents it from wearing off. Let us read more about common grout problems. We will then learn about this stone grout color sealer and understand its application.

Common Problems with Grout

  • A low-quality made with more water and poor quality of cement tends to wear off and go missing easily.
  • If grout is unsealed, it soon absorbs water and moisture, gets stained and gives birth to mold.
  • Staining leads to discoloration.
  • Missing grout leads to gaps and holes, which in turn, collect water and lead to mold and mildew breeding.
  • A deteriorated grout not only looks discolored, but becomes a storehouse of germs, bacteria and mold.
  • If the grout wears off, it leads to loosening of the tiles.
  • Some contractors offer the option of regrouting, which is nothing but application of a fresh layer of poor quality grout over the pre-existing one. This is not a permanent cure as this grout too would deteriorate after some time.

How does a Good Stone Grout Color Sealer Solve your Problem?

  • A good stone grout color sealer has the capability of sealing your grout lines permanently, thereby the problem of missing or cracking grout does not arise.
  • It is a strong sealant that does not appear bulky and never pops from the surface.
  • It is available in color options, so that you can paint your grout lines in a desire color to match your tile surface.
  • It is a grout colorant that seals your grout lines and makes them waterproof, so that they cannot absorb moisture henceforth. This halts the problem of mold and mildew formation.
  • When water cannot penetrate deeper within, stubborn stains cannot form and your grout can remain intact for long.

Which Product has all the Qualities of a Good Grout Sealer?

Caponi from pFOkUS is the best grout paint possessing all the above qualities.It is a pigmented 2-part solvent titanium resin/epoxy sealant, waterproofing grout while locking out all the stains and sealers already present in the surface. Caponi never pops from the surface and performs its task in just one coat. It can be used for both unsanded and sanded grout. It is available in more than 40 color variations, that are mostly neutral and earthy. These are the common tile shades and hence you can match your grout lines easily.

Points to Keep in Mind while Applying Caponi

  • Before you use Caponi, we recommend you to use a grout and tile cleaner that thoroughly cleans and preps the surface. Imperia Deep Clean is a good deep-penetrating tile and grout cleaner that helps to remove all the hidden germs and mold.
  • Also, you can use a grout brush to scrub and clean the grout lines with Imperia Deep Clean.
  • Once clean and dry, check for missing or damaged grout. If any, repair them using Sentura – a two part pigmented flexible solvent based epoxy/resin, formulated with a 1200psi adhesion, that never pops out from the surface. Sentura can also be shaded with Caponi to match your tile color.
  • You can use paint brush to apply Caponi. It has the perfect bristles that help you move easily in your preferred direction.
  • Lastly, extra build-up is natural while applying Caponi. You can remove that by using pFOkUS’ Alco – paint reducer and thinner.

This way, you can use pFOkUS’ Caponi – stone grout color sealer to restore your damaged or unsealed grout lines. Once your surface is restored, you can maintain it regularly with ValoreMaintenance.If you feel that performing grout restoration yourself is too overwhelming, you can contact D’Sapone – one of the leading restoration service providers in the US. They only rely on our products for their services.