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The 4 Types of Industrial Real Estate

Figuring out which industrial real estate you need for your business may initially seem daunting. But as long as you know what you need and what each property is used for, you’ll soon understand what you need to rent or buy.

Here are a few examples of industrial real estate you may need for your company, such as warehouse space for rent and more.

1. B1 Industrial Property

People usually buy or rent B1 industrial property for lighter manufacturing activities. They are also classified as ‘light and clean’ industrial usage. These are for less heavy-duty industries and less impactful on the environment, so they’re often more open-spaced. For example, you might need a small B1 industrial space for rent in Singapore for ecommerce, software development, publication, etc.

2. B2 Industrial Property

The second type of industrial property is B2, reserved for heavier industrial purposes. For example, you’d want a small B2 industrial space for rent in Singapore for metalwork, biotech, servicing or manufacturing electronics, and more. Because B2 properties have a chance to cause air or noise pollution, they’re required to be quite far away from urban or residential areas – around 50 to 100 metres away. This distance is to make sure the pollution doesn’t affect anyone else. B1 and B2 fall under the ‘manufacturing’ type of industrial real estate.

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3. General-Purpose Warehouse

After the products have been manufactured, they’re usually sent to the general-purpose warehouse. This warehouse type is more for storage than distribution, so fewer people go in and out of it. Still, you’ll undoubtedly need to get warehouse space for rent if you have a surplus of products that can’t be shipped out immediately, which is quite often the case.

4. Distribution Warehouse

The distribution warehouse periodically receives new products from the general-purpose warehouse. These products are stored until an order is made, and fulfilment services must prepare the product for delivery. A distribution warehouse for rent in Singapore often needs fulfilment services to package the product and give it to deliverers. That way, the delivery of your products becomes seamless and easy.

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