The 5 Best Things About Removable Bollards

There are many types of bollards. Each type is designed and built depending on its application. There might be situations when permanent protection is not necessary for a certain site or area. When vehicle impact protection is only needed temporarily, it is best that you install removable bollards. What’s great about removable bollards?

  1. They are easy to attach and detach.  For areas and sites that always change access and traffic flows, removable bollards make the change a whole lot easier. To put up removable bollards, you need to have them sit securely in the ground sleeve. If it already served its purpose and vehicle protection is no longer needed in that area, simply unlock and remove the bollards from the sleeve. In addition, they are light, stackable and have simple locking mechanisms.
  2. They can be used in many locations. Many areas only require temporary protection, such as full or closed parking lots that can no longer accommodate vehicles or streetscapes that are always crowded due to frequent events and celebrations.
  3. They promote safety. Removable bollards protect cyclists and pedestrians. They are also visible at all times to raise awareness on pedestrians and drivers. These bollards also avoid clogging, they only leave minimal markings on the road and ensure no trip hazard. 
  4. They are elegant and charming. Most removable bollards come with sophisticated designs that are visually pleasing to the eyes. They also tend to blend with the aesthetics of the surrounding.
  5. They are robust. Removable bollards are designed to withstand regular removal and storage, as well as changes in the weather and environment.

What are removable bollards made of?

Removable bollards can be made with different materials. Although they come in various types, you need to consider the bollards’ intended purpose to choose the correct material. The aesthetic value and durability of the bollards depend on the material it is made of. The following materials are suitable for removable bollards: 

    • Steel. Steel is an economic material but is highly durable and is less likely to dent compared to other materials. Security bollards and bollard covers are usually made of steel. The good thing about this material is it could be recycled. 


  • Cast iron. Bollards made of cast iron can have intricate designs because iron is elastic and flexible. Cast iron bollards are still strong though. There is a perfect balance between aesthetics and durability of this material.
  • Stainless Steel. It is resistant to corrosion making stainless steel bollards ideal for wet areas and environment. They are very durable and can be recycled. 
  • Aluminium. Most removable bollards are made with aluminium because of its lightweight feature. They are ideal for decorative purposes but not ideal for high-level impact resistance. 
  • Polyurethane. This is a combination of plastic and rubber. It is lightweight but economical. They can easily be bent and flexed.
  • Timber. Timber bollards are environmentally friendly. They are mostly used for decorative purposes. They might be durable but they also require maintenance.
  • Plastic. Some bollards are made with recycled plastic. It is an environmentally friendly material with low maintenance and can last long.